Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Have Been Recently Featured!!

I love writing about and featuring other artists and Etsians, but it is also wonderful to be blogged about! 
I was just featured in the Erin Peterson Art Blog by etsian weepingmulberry.
Last week, my Rainbow Crayons were also in one of my favorite sellers, Underroos, blog called Out of Character.
I love reading blogs and it is nice that others take the time to write such nice things!

The 2008 edition of  "Create. Collect. Trade. A collection of Artist Trading Cards Created by Artists and Students" is now available for artists to purchase their 2 FULL PAGES and individual copy of. 

"Create. Collect. Trade. A Collection of Artist Trading Cards Created by Artists and Students" is an 80 page yearly publication of ACEO (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) and ATC (Artist Trading Cards) art created by 25 artists and 25 elementary art students, who use these artists as inspiration. 

This book is perfect for shop and artist promotion, a great coffee table book, and an inspirational guide for visual artists, students, and teachers. 

This handbook is sent out to each of the 25 artists for them to use it as a promotional tool and given to artists, teachers, and art students to refer to for inspiration and interest.
Being featured in this book is a way to share and give back to the art community, while at the same time promoting yourself, your art, and adding this experience to your portfolio. 

I will be updating the blog on a daily basis and providing more information about the book. Please convo me on Etsy or send an e-mail to

***Create. Collect. Trade. was inspired by Project ATC, where Flickr and Etsy ACEO and ATC artists have donated their cards to swap with elementary art students in the hopes to make this art form become more well known and provide students with the visual opportunity to view actual artist work. 

****Thank you to TimothyAdamDesigns for help and guidance! Please take time to check out his ETSY shop. His work is AMAZING!

Monday, January 28, 2008

I am Creating a Book!

My student-artist ACEO and ATC trade has become so successful that it has snowballed into something HUGE!  I am in the process of creating a book titled "Create. Collect. Trade. : A Collection of Artist Trading Cards by Artists and Students."

I will be looking for shops and artists to fill the space in the book along with student work. This book makes a great promotional tool for you and a wonderful coffee table book as well!  

My purpose in creating this book is to help teach and spread the knowledge and inspiration to artists and visual art students of this unique art form and eventually hold a nation-wide contest for visual art students to be seen and published alongside true ACEO and ATC artists. 

For more information, please visit the book blog.

Or these forum posts...

If you have more information or would like to be a part of this wonderful opportunity, please convo or e-mail me at

**Blog Image is by Etsian AnnaCox with Purty Girl Designs

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Made the Front Page of the "Handbook to Handmade"!

"Handbook to Handmade"

This is very exciting news for me because I have never been in a book before, let alone on the front cover

The item featured is my Rainbow Crayons seen at the top, left. This item has been a top seller of mine because they are both very unique and an inexpensive gift for children at only $3.00 for 5 rainbow crayons. I even started making them in different shapes such as Jumbo Stars and Rainbow Hearts.

You can check out more information about TimothyAdamDesigns by visiting his shop.

More information about the Handbook to Handmade Vol. III can be found here:

Want to be featured in Vol. 4?  See below for more information!


Friday, January 25, 2008

TOPIC TALK #1: Packaging and Creative Ways to Good Customer Service

I have been poking around in the forums a bit recently, while at the same time wondering why my Rainbow Heart Crayons had not sold after a week of listing them (the basic shape has been my most sold item). After a shopping trip and several impulse purchases, I found the perfect way to add to these listings without charging a penny more!

I found these wonderful pink and red mailboxes and some cute tissue paper to package with the crayons and voila! I had four sales of Rainbow Crayons today!
This got me thinking... with a little more effort, a lot of sellers items could really take off. Many shops package their items with precision and care, adding that "finishing touch." I was then on my way to discover shops that offered me a little more...

My main inspiration for this article comes from Etsian, Raisinlike, who gives other sellers the opportunity to send her promo items and business cards and coupons to include in a Promo Pack she ships with some of her larger orders. What a cool idea is this?! It is going to be my goal soon to make my business cards and send her samples of my Rainbow Crayons to include!

I then decided to post in the "Crafting and Business" forum asking to see shops who package things in a special way. Here are some of the unique and eye-catching things that I found...

Coonies has special handmade boxes with fun cards.

SarahsSky posted this thread about "New Packaging Photos" and was great to read! She posted a stained glass pendant that had a picture of the box it came with. The silver name plate on the box was a great touch!
Shayaaron promotes their shop through Raisinlike's promo pack with these rings and Moo's.

More Promo Packs...
Stonesandstarling packages her jewelry in these very cute boxes.

Gigglinggoldfish packages her pendants in cute containers, then in a brown box with a label and ribbon. Very well put together in my opinion. The containers for the pendants match the pendants too!

SmellsandBells wraps her soaps individually with cute paper, clearly labeled information, and a unique ribbon tie. 

Sweetgracieforme carries a variety of bath and body products in her shop. This is a sample of her packaging!

MyBotique has new packaging for her products! Sobenarts created the logo and pixelbypixel created the stickers.

Check out these suppliers and Etsy Shops as well!
The Mayberry Sparrow (custom stamps) ETSY
Trails of Paper (Wonderful selection of envelopes, tags, and papers) ETSY

These are all very inspiring to me and I will be posting more as I find them in my hunt. Please add links to your items in the "comments" section if you have a picture or listing to share that might be a great example! I would love to hear feedback as well on what you think about these items I have listed and if you think nice things that "complete" the order are a good thing or a bad thing.

***Thanks to ANORIGINALJEWELRY for her forum thread today. Many of these tips and links were found because of the response.

Monday, January 21, 2008

ETSY ARTIST FEATURE #2: KateFitzpatrick

Alright everyone! I have to tell you about this amazing women who I have always looked up to and adored her work ever since I met her about ten years ago!

Etsian KateFitzpatrick sells unique art and jewelry in her shop. She has such a colorful and bold style that makes one stare at her detailed work longer and longer. Her Shop quote or theme, "Life.Magic.Beauty.Love," truly supports the spirit of her work.

My favorite pieces are " I m Yours" (her most popular sold print) and "Daydreamer," which is pictured above.

Take some time to look at KateFitzpatrick's shop. It is worth the time and purchase! I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed!!!!

Updates and Yellow Floral Teapots!

For those of you who have been reading my blogs, I do apologize for my lack of updates.

I just returned from a long weekend up north, where I visited Donna, who makes all of the fun plushies and doll clothes in my shop. She gave me two very cute Valentine's Day Edition Mr. Toothy Pouch Pals. If you have a young child who is in the process of losing teeth, this item is perfect for you!

There is a small pouch on the back of the Toothy Pouch Pal for the loose tooth to be placed in. Mr. Toothy Pouch Pal is then tucked safely under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy!

Before I left for my break, I was poking around in the forums and read a thread about how uniquelynancy was thrilled to sell her Yellow Floral Teapot Catch-All, but then there was no payment from the buyer.
I know that I would never want that for anyone, let alone her and her gorgeous work. Please take a moment to look at her shop and see what she has that fits your tastes and needs. She does wonderful work with fabric. My favorite item in her shop is her Pumpkin Teapot Catch-All. I also love her unique and colorful handbags!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far and keep up the feedback, sales updates, and links to your shops!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Clowny Clown was Featured in a Blog!

This is the first time that I have been featured in a blog that I know of, so that is exciting news!

Etsian, byrobinlynne, featured Mister Clowny Clown in her recent posting in her "Etsy Favorites" Blog. A link to her blog can be found here...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Treasure Hunt GAME with prizes!

So this is going to be a scavenger hunt!
I am in a million treasuries now because I got lucky and Etsians are very kind!

Below are the following treasuries I am in . The first one I made, but if you can list the five items of mine  featured in these treasuries (one per link), I will send you a surprise from my store! 

You must list it in a posting reply to this blog :). 

Oh and there is a hint on one of the links... bonus points for clicking the crayons in the treasury that is having a contest!

This is the one I made…


These you have to find one item of mine in each, then list what that item is in a reply to this post!

(This one if you click on my crayons, I might win a prize from a shop!)

Ready... set.... go!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Handbook to Handmade- My 1st Etsy Purchase...

Yes, I know. WHAT?? Nicole, you have been an Etsian for about 40 days now and have not purchased anything? How is that possible?

Well today was the day that I purchased my first item from Etsy. I had to save up enough money and have some to spare to make a few other purchases from my favorites (as seen at the very bottom of my blog page). I think I put about 20 new items on my favorites because I went through about 1/2 of the treasuries to look for things I wanted to buy. I also discovered that my Rainbow Crayons and the Mommy and Baby Roo were featured in three Treasuries! Yay.

Back to my purchase...

So, for the last month or so typing and reading in the forums, I have come across Etsian TimothyAdamDesigns several times. I kept seeing this post over and over about some handmade book... after looking at posting while he was advertising Volumes I and II, I discovered that this was not just some book...

I decided that I really wanted to do this. I sent about 5 million messages to him asking 5 million more questions. He was so kind and helpful in getting me the right answers VERY quickly. I also discovered his blog about the book titled, The Handbook to Handmade Vol. III, where he also advertises links to Etsy shops who have purchased the book.

This book is such a great promotional tool and makes a great coffee table book as well. Now granted, I have yet to see my own physical copy of it, I can tell from his customer service, detailed listing and photos, and previous buyer feedback, that you can not go wrong from a promotional keepsake such as this. He even offers discounted copies of previous Volume extras if you cannot get enough Etsy love from Vol. III.

Now my photos I am choosing may not be the best of listings since I am newer and have not listed my really cool items yet, but I am so excited to get my copy in the mail and plan for being in future editions ahead.

Here are the images I am going to use (one is an alternate)...

Let me know what you think. I need to go work on my blurp for the book now... if you buy a copy, I will autograph my two pages for you as well ;) (Just Kidding).

Check out TimothyAdamDesigns for more information or questions.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Colorful Creations is the newest of my treasuries I have created because I LOVE color. I had just sold a special order of 45 Rainbow Crayons (don't worry.. I listed more Rainbow Crayons for all of your birthday party and healthy Valentines favor needs), and thought it would be fun to make a colorful treasury. I always have good luck getting them.. 

Anyways, the selection was from my favorite Etsy sellers and a few random ones from the search feature. I just wanted to take the time to recognize a few of the wonderful artists!

Pictured is "Amour DAbre Watercolor Reproduction Print" by Etsian Jellybeans. I love the mix of warm and cool colors she used in this piece. All of her listings are just as colorful, but each one is different than the next!

Stoopidgerl has such a colorful shop that is hard to pick out what is my favorite, but I love her "I Wish I could Fly" fine art print. This fish is really getting up close and personal with its viewers and once again, I love the warm colors of the fish against the cool colored background that makes is stand out.

Etsian KateFitzpatrick has always been a favorite of mine, not because we went to school together for about 11 years, but I am always so jealous of her unique drawing skills and variety of color that she uses in her work. I choose two of her listings, "Daydreamer" and "Rockafeller Center." The colors in both artworks is stunning, especially the yellows and gold in the Rockafeller Center piece. 

Since I am a new teacher, I figured it will soon be time for me to embrace the holiday sweaters, tutrtleneck shirts, and funky jewelry, so I chose to list byrobinlynne's "Rainbow Button Earrings." Once again, I enjoy the rainbow colors and feel that this would be a very appropriate and creative addition to my art teacher attire. 

Feel free to browse my treasury at your leisure. I wonder if this could be front page worthy? Always has been a goal of mine (all 40+ days I have been in business).

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I have always been familiar with the term ATC (Artist Trading Card), but am now discovering the term ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals). 

I was looking at some really neat ones the other day in the ETSY shop of mLee and today I saw this Fiberart ACEO on an ACEO site. I really wanted to know who made that Fiberart ACEO, but it would have been millions of sellers. Luckily, tonight I was in the chats and ran into DebiDesigns and discovered she was the amazing artist behind the mystery ACEO.

Anyways... it got me thinking. I have my 3rd though 5th grade students make ATCs and it would be wonderful for them to see actual real artist ATCs and ACEOs. I posted a thread in the Crafting and Business Forum to see if anyone would be willing to donate or swap and got a HUGE RESPONSE! Many Etsy artists are going to send examples of their work to share with my students! In return, I will be sending them student examples, photos of our trading day where students will get to trade their own with each other, and hopefully have a few letters to send out with the cards. I will also be featuring the artists in a few of my blog features, as well as a link area to their shops. 

This will be such a great experience for the students and I am amazed by the response so far by the ETSY community.  If you or anyone you know are an ACEO or ATC artist and would like to donate or would like more information, please send me a convo on Etsy or e-mail to


Saturday, January 5, 2008


Purple is my favorite color, so my current Treasury is titled "Pretty in PURPLE">
Since this will only be around for about 8 more hours, I wanted to share some of my favorite items with you all.

The first one is the item pictured, "Wired Shell Pendant" by Etsian mybellebijoux. She has so many beautiful wire wrapped pendants in her shop, but I love this purple one!

Etsian HearMeRoar makes all kinds of beautiful quilts. The color combinations are stunning and I can just about bet that you can find at least one quilt you are in love with by the time you are finished browsing her shop! You can even send your own artwork or your child's artwork to the seller who creates a custom wall hanging with that drawing on it!!!!

Now that I am off topic bragging about her shop, her "Symphonic Gift" quilt is what I chose for my Purple Treasury.

Now, I love all the items I selected, but this is the final one I have time to praise, because lesson plans are calling me...

Etsian beadonawire makes jewelry from natural materials. I chose her "Pretty in Purple Necklace" (hum... I think we think alike because that was my title for the treasury.. maybe it was inspired by her and not my love for purple) because of its variety of purples and silver (I am a silver/white gold person and not gold). Very affordable too!

Well... that is all I have time for, but please check out my Treasury because it will be  disappearing soon!

Addicted to the Forums!

HELP! I am addicted to the forums! I am trying to cram all the two days I have left before school starts up again (I am an art teacher) with Etsy and lesson planning. I know I will not have as much time to run my Etsy shop and make art during school, so I might as well do it now.
What gets so frustrating is the forums at times because it only seems like sellers are promoting (which is what that area is for), but to buyers really know about the forums? I  think I would rather start holding meaningful conversations in the "Business" or "Ideas" forums, but cause it seems like a waste of time to try to promote all time time.  I think it is important to create meaningful relationships with other artists and Etsians. Everything in the forums seems so fast paste anyways that you have to type fast and copy paste. That gets annoying and I even found myself accidentally posting in someone else's promotion (which is what everyone does to me, but I really do not mind at all). They made a smart, but polite comment, which woke me up (but soon discovered others were doing it to), but made me feel sad because it was an accident. 

Since I barged in on their photo promo (since my pendant sale had nothing to do with photos), here is my promotion for them :). 

Pictured is "Glorious Sunset" by fellow Etsian, Coldcell. This photo was taken in Lancashire, England ( I LOVE ENGLAND). I just love the bright colors and think this photo is absolutely amazing. They are running a special thought January, Buy one get one FREE on any photographic prints (not including magnets or note cards). You can check out Coldcell's shop at

And now I will get off my pedestal about forums....

Thursday, January 3, 2008

ETSY ARTIST FEATURE #1: Sock Zombies by Underroos

Hello everyone and Happy 2008!

So, being new on Etsy (about 30 days old... still new??), I spend a lot of time in the forums and in the chat room (that I did not discover until about 3 weeks into selling on Etsy). One night while I was in the chat room, I saw this person with the coolest products....SOCK ZOMBIES!!! Now you might be thinking that zombies are weird, or gross, or not your thing, but I can assure you that you will think these are some of the most unique looking zombies ever!

Seller Underroos has been on Etsy since February 4,2007, selling her unique Sock Zombies with 145+ sales. Her sock zombies sell for $18.00 and each one is different. She even has different types: Toehawk, Striped, Fuzzy, Double Decker, Throwing, and Toe Horned to name a few!

You can usually find Underroos at night in the chat rooms or forums shouting "BBBRRAAAIIIINNNSSS" or "ZZOOOOMMMBIIEESSS." I will usually shout back to her something just as funny. Might sound odd to you, but not even knowing her, she became one of my favorite sellers just from the one or two times bumping into her on Etsy. Smart way to promote yourself I think. It got my attention at least!

Take some time to check out this awesome seller at to learn more about SOCK ZOMBIES and get yours today. They sell VERY quickly, so if you have a favorite, I would snag it now!

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