Monday, January 7, 2008


Colorful Creations is the newest of my treasuries I have created because I LOVE color. I had just sold a special order of 45 Rainbow Crayons (don't worry.. I listed more Rainbow Crayons for all of your birthday party and healthy Valentines favor needs), and thought it would be fun to make a colorful treasury. I always have good luck getting them.. 

Anyways, the selection was from my favorite Etsy sellers and a few random ones from the search feature. I just wanted to take the time to recognize a few of the wonderful artists!

Pictured is "Amour DAbre Watercolor Reproduction Print" by Etsian Jellybeans. I love the mix of warm and cool colors she used in this piece. All of her listings are just as colorful, but each one is different than the next!

Stoopidgerl has such a colorful shop that is hard to pick out what is my favorite, but I love her "I Wish I could Fly" fine art print. This fish is really getting up close and personal with its viewers and once again, I love the warm colors of the fish against the cool colored background that makes is stand out.

Etsian KateFitzpatrick has always been a favorite of mine, not because we went to school together for about 11 years, but I am always so jealous of her unique drawing skills and variety of color that she uses in her work. I choose two of her listings, "Daydreamer" and "Rockafeller Center." The colors in both artworks is stunning, especially the yellows and gold in the Rockafeller Center piece. 

Since I am a new teacher, I figured it will soon be time for me to embrace the holiday sweaters, tutrtleneck shirts, and funky jewelry, so I chose to list byrobinlynne's "Rainbow Button Earrings." Once again, I enjoy the rainbow colors and feel that this would be a very appropriate and creative addition to my art teacher attire. 

Feel free to browse my treasury at your leisure. I wonder if this could be front page worthy? Always has been a goal of mine (all 40+ days I have been in business).


Angie said...

Thank you so much for including me in your blog and treasury! :o) I really liked the other works that you used - gooooo colours!!! And congrats on that super huge crayon order! :o)

Field Notes said...

Those are great! I love jellybean's work. The heart in the middle, created from white space, is wonderful =D

Robin Lynne said...

thanks for featuring me in your treasury and your blog :D

I'm honored to be in the presence of so much color! :*

DC Designs said...

What a great idea to blog about your treasury. I'll have to do that sometimes. If i ever get a treasury. For some reason ever since the new one released I can't seem to be there when enough lists expire.

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