Saturday, June 21, 2008

I AM ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!

I AM ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night, my now fiancĂ©e, Eric (he is the one below in the cruise photos), took me out to our favorite restaurant. He was acting a little goofy during dinner and not eating. In the middle of dinner, he got down on his knee in front of everyone and proposed! 

It was unique because he chose June 20th to propose and we had been playing around with the idea of getting married on June 20, 2009 (which is out date now).  We even got a free dessert!

We had taken a cruise last week and EVERYONE (including myself) thought he would do it then. He did not because he wanted to surprise me!

It was very romantic and we are both very excited!

I cannot wait to explore all of the wedding items on Etsy! Feel free to sneak in your store link in the comment area if you sell things for weddings. I am going to start checking them out!

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Banner and Interview with Southernblood


I was poking around in the forums one day and saw a post for a free banner. I had never really had  a strong banner before, so I was interested. Sadly, the etsian never responded further to their post, but I did receive a convo from southernblood, who said they would create a free banner for me. They were so helpful and patient with me while I went though about three different styles till I saw the image I was hoping for! I wanted to return the favor by featuring southernblood on my blog for today!

Here is my interview with southernblood:

Where are you from?
The not-so-dirty south...Kentucky.

How long have you been on Etsy?
Southernblood has been registered only a few months...March, to be exact. It seems much longer than that. lol.

What types of things do you sell in your shop?Right now we only have some jewelry but we do screenprinted tees and have a lot of those coming soon. Interesting ones at that. It won't be long.

What is your favorite type of art/craft to make or create? 
Honestly, I love to paint and photography... I consider myself an impressionist of sorts. I actually am the solo feature in the Zeppelin Art Gallery, here in Kentucky - through July 31st.

You made a wonderful banner for my shop! If someone else would like to purchase a banner from you, what should they do?I just decided that I'm going to do ALL banners FREE of charge...and the real reason is I see it as a cycle. If Southernblood can help another shop; that shop purchases from another shop and makes a sale and so on and it only stimulates the "Etsy Economy" which in turn will promote my business and hopefully gain some sales along the way.

How long have you been creating art/jewelry?
I've been doing stuff ever since I can high school I used to make bracelets and patch peoples jeans with vintage fabric and make purses. I've been painting since I was 14 and photography since I was 16. I couldn't live without it.

see that you are a new shop. What have you found most helpful or what have you found that works the best for you to get your name out there and sell your items? Any tips for new sellers?
Well, obviously I haven't been overwhelmed with sales...which might be a good thing starting out. I want to have time to establish my name...but the most helpful things have been the great people in the forums...yes there are some weirdos and jerks but overall people have been kind and willing to offer information. I promote my shop by posting and browsing everyone else's so they get the views and hits too. I favorite a few along the way. Some things I may never purchase but my etsy favorites list makes a great wish list for people too.

My humble tips to new sellers are to focus more than anything on the name and photos of the me names like "agate bracelet" or whatever, (no one in mind) is just too dull. It doesn't attract attention. Think creatively - associate your product with something that would appeal to your shoppers. For instance, I have an anchor button ring...and I could have just named it that...instead I titled it "Anchors Away." People think of the Naval song or an old movie. Photos make all the difference - yes it's hard...but go buy some interior decorating or gardening magazines and use those pages as a background. Use contrasting colors or complimentary ones. 

What is your favorite thing about Etsy?
Wow...this is tough...but honestly, the friendships I have established in a short time. Everyone is so kind. They're helpful and easy to contact and stay in contact with. It's what makes Etsy it's own little world that I can run to when I'm bored at work.

Wow... free banners? What could get better than that?! If you are interested in a banner, you can contact southernblood through their Etsy shop.

My favorite item from their shop is the Grape Soda Earrings (purple is my favorite color).

I am always looking for other shops to feature. I would love to hear your comments about my new banner and southernblood's Etsy shop! You never know... you just might be the next!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Featured Item in the Storque!

I was in the Storque again! They seem to really enjoy my Pisa Print, inspired from my trip to Italy.  This one shows up on the front page too when the article pops up!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blog Give-A-Way and My Latest Etsy Purchase!

Featured above are Happy Birthday and Party Tags by Etsian elles

Today Etsy is 3 years old, so I am having a Happy Birthday Etsy SALE!

With ANY purchase today, you will receive either a free Rainbow Crayon or any Gocco Print of your choice from my shop! This is TODAY ONLY...

My Rainbow Crayons have been all over Etsy, but you may be less familiar with my Gocco. Here are just a few examples of my Gocco prints from my shop...

This offer does include my Gocco ACEOs as well.


In other Etsy news and finds.... I bought some amazing lip balm today from Etsian KreatedbyKarina. She needs to pay some medical bills for her daughter ($600 worth ASAP) and I have always loved her shop, so I figured now would be an awesome time to purchase from her. It is always fun to help out a fellow Etsian!!!

Here is what I bought from her. They sound very yummy!

She even has a Lip Balm of the Month Club for $24.00! Who couldn't use that. I know I am always losing mine, so at least I would have another next month!

She is also offering FREE SHIPPING till the 20th because of the YART SALE going on around Etsy. Make sure you enter "YART" in the message to seller when purchasing from her.

Pictured below is her Rose Petal Soap. How unique!
Please take the time to support her and her cause if possible!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back from the Bahamas!

I am back from the Bahamas! Glad to see several sales and visitors while I was gone and my heart count jumped up about 20 people.... WOW! Thanks everyone. I need to go on vacation more often!
Eric and I at the airport ready to leave. Can't you see we are so excited?!

I am blogging today to post some photos of the trip. I took a Royal Caribbean Cruise on the Majesty of the seas with my boyfriend to Nassau and Coco Cay! We had so much fun. I only wish it lasted longer. This was my 4th cruise and his 1st!

The night before we left, we ate at the Rustic Inn Crab House in Ft. Lauderdale! Has anyone ever been there??? 

My family and I always take "Chicken Face" pictures during the drill practice before setting sale!

I was begging Eric to let me jump off the tender boat because I wanted to swim in the clear, aqua water.... 

Vacation was so much fun!

I did an Etsy search for Cruise and Bahamas.. Here are some things that came up...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Made it onto My First Storque

My Pisa Print!

I love to travel, as some of you may know, and noticed the new Storque article on the front page of etsy about a travel showcase. I opened up the story and low and behold, there was my Pisa lino-cut print in the related items section! This is a first for me! I took a picture of it for all to remember it by ;).

Here is the link! I would buy a spot, but I AM GOING ON MY CRUISE TOMORROW and won't be here for the sale.

Wish me luck and fun on my cruise. I will update when I return (or tomorrow morning before I leave if I cannot resist)!

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

Just wanted to put an Etsy Mini of my favorites up for you to enjoy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Organization and Treasuries.... Two Random Things...

I woke up today, grabbed a bagel, and thought about going back to bed. Since a certain someone could not fall asleep last night, I decided it would not be fair for me to go back to bed, so both of us will be tired now.

Instead of getting what I need to get accomplished today, I organized the layout of my blog.... AGAIN.... at 8:00 in the morning....

I deleted all of my blog roll call section and placed those same blogs in a new format provided by Blogger. It is more condensed and puts the most recently updated blogs at the top. You can find it towards the middle of the right-hand column.

In this process, I also checked each one for new reads, ideas, and to see if I was still on their blog roll call (yes, I do check and edit as needed). Surprisingly, out of the 50+ blogs I have featured, I was on at least 42 of them, so kudos to you for staying true to your blog roll call list!

If you would like to be added, please respond to this post with your link and I will add you!

My priorities lie elsewhere currently at 9:25 am I am in desperate need of some organization...

THINGS TO DO TODAY: (Not in order of impor
tance, but what my schedule allows)
-Go to WalMart so I can ship my latest products out
-Make a special project (I have to be secretive for now)
-Clean my apartment/laundry
-Pack for my CRUISE (I leave on Thursday)
-Eye doctor (I have a weird black spot in my vision... not good)

Ok, now that I have that planned out. I feel a little better now!

In other news...

I put up a NEW POLL to the left. I would love for your feedback. I have always been interested in how people find me. Now If only I could put this up on my Etsy site where it would be a little more helpful to get accurate information.

I am planning on a new Give-Away when I return from vacation next week. It is going to be very awesome, so make sure you keep checking in!

I had my first non-paying buyer I will need to deal with soon. I have been very lucky so far, so I am trying to let this one brush off. How many times has this happened to you? The product supposed to be featured is the Night on the Town lino-cut print. I was so excited too when it was purchased. I think so far about 3-4 of those have been purchased in various colors though my shop. Each one is an actual lino-print, not a reproduction.

I have also been featured in several treasuries throughout the past week or so. They only last a short time, so I love to share them with you!

Hope everyone is having an awesome day and staying dry. Indiana has been having tons of flooding and rain. Please keep those who have had damage or lost their homes in your thoughts.

Monday, June 9, 2008

This Just In.... New Items In my Shop!

Hi everyone!

It has been a couple of busy weeks!!! I now have time to start making some new things!

Here are two listings that I put up in my shop that I had a ton of fun making.

They're back.... I am starting a fresh line of my Tie Purses again!

When I first opened up my shop, these were very popular and huge sellers at my craft fairs and art shows. I have had several ask me when they will be back. The wait is no more! I will be putting a few new ones up each week ranging in color, size, and patterns. 

These purses are eco-friendly, made from recycled ties. Each one is unique and one-of-a-kind!
The inside view.

The back view!

I created this eco-friendly bank notebook/sketchbook using old Target and other plastic bags and my sewing machine! This is great to doodle in or jot down some notes!

I have many fresh topics and sellers to feature over the next few weeks, so keep checking back!

I am on my cruise this week from Thursday till Monday, but will be updating more often now that it is summer!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June Show 'N' Tell Crafting Challenge Theme

For those who have been following my recent success in working for SC Johnson's Clean Home Journal, I wanted to post the new theme that was posted today!

The theme for June is "Petal Pushers" and we would like you to use flowers (real, fake, or seeds) to create a craft or art project.

I would appreciate your feedback and rating of the project. You can rate the project by clicking on the actual project, then clicking the houses. 5 is the best, 1 is poor.

Thanks for your support!

Photos and information come from Clean Home Journal by SC Johnson. Please visit their site HERE for more information.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm Yours

Rarely do I really feature items from my shop, but I wanted to share with you an amazing Gocco printed greeting card that etsian KateFitzpatrick and I created over the weekend.

She is the artist of this original drawing titled, "I'm Yours."

This is an amazing piece of art to own and send to a loved one, friend who is getting married, or just to say, "I'm Yours."

This is a Gocco print card using the "I'm Yours" illustration by my friend and fellow etsian KateFitzpatrick, who is on sumer hiatus. We have been working on a collaborative listing for gocco printed cards based on her original drawing. Kate writes...

This is a card based on my illustration, 'I'm Yours'. It was inspired by one of my all time favorite songs by Jason Mraz. If you have not heard it, look for it on his website because it is so romantic, so simple, so beautiful, and so true! I wanted to do a piece of artwork inspired by how it made me feel.

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