Monday, January 25, 2010

AMAZING Soccer Goal and Funny Music!

My husband and I play soccer and I love finding random videos on YouTube! I wanted to share a little love from both! This goal is AMAZING! What is even more amazing is the background music after the goal. This made it to the Yahoo front page, so I though I would share...


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jon Brewer Photography and the Colts

Today I wanted to share the photography site and blog of Indianapolis photographer, Jon Brewer. He has started a " Photo of the Day" and the most recent really caught my eye (above). I like giraffes and the photo is very stunning. His work is all around, wonderful. You should take a moment to check out his site. If you need a great wedding photographer, he takes some AMAZING pictures!

Also, I would like to announce that the Colts are going to the Superbowl! I am not a huge football person, but did watch the game (well.... most of it before I fell asleep in the end) and was very happy with the outcome. My husband is wanting the Saints to win so the two teams with the best record can play each other. He will be rooting for whatever team plays the Colts because he is a Bears fan...Now if only I could go to Miami where it is warm!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gift Guide #2: Twitter Finds

Gift Guide #2: Twitter Finds

Featured shops (from left to right).

1. Autumn Lights Original Painting by AshtonAtelier

2. Essence of Time Earrings by littlewaltz

3. Guinevere Bracelet by dspdavey

4. Penelope Silver Heart Locket by LisbonSky

5. Tree of Life Resin Pendant by Nixcreations

6. Lewis Carroll Print by senioritis

7. Chet Baker Original Painting by JesseMosher

8. Vintage Dress by bytheway

Today's gift guide selections come from, where I have asked my followers to Tweet me an item from their shop that is well-photographed! Those who replied and re-tweeted I chose from.

I am starting to use Twitter more and started a Twitter list with MANY Etsians listed in the Etsy forums! Add your Twitter to the forums HERE.

Like what you see on the blog? Follow me on Twitter! That way you can find out when I am selecting my next picks!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Craft Count"

Tonight I am sharing another great site with you that I discovered in the Etsy forums, The following was taken from the site creator's forum thread...

"I’m delighted to finally introduce you to Craft Count, a site tracking Etsy top sellers by sales count. The landing page features a summary with the top 10 sellers in the 3 main Etsy categories; Handmade, Vintage, Supplies and an additional list to capture the top 10 overall. Tab 2 and 3 portrays the sellers by Country and Category respectively. I’ve restricted the information to capture sellers with over 1000 sales and the top 100 in the sub-categories."

There are several sites that show top selling crafters and shops, but this one is very well organized, up to date, and you can search different categories and lists to find the top sellers on Etsy in your area without all the supply people getting in the way (no offense).

I suggest you visit the site by checking out or check out their current thread.

What do you think?! I like it!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Etsy Item of the Day"

WOW! When I was exploring and reading Twitter two nights ago, I looked up people who Re-Tweeted posts of mine and I found the coolest website for those who love Etsy!

The site is called Etsy Item of the Day and it was created by Jackie, who is not affiliated with Etsy or any of the shops of Etsy. She just loves to "Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade," according to her site!

What caught my attention first was the very appealing background (teal is my favorite color) and the simple, short, but sweet posts. One item a day is featured with a short blurb about the item and why she likes it. The items chosen are photographed well, so one could understand why these items have been featured!

I have personally added this blog to my lists of blogs to read each day because Jackie has made it very easy to read and get information to readers. Please take the time to check out this AWESOME site!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainbow Crayon Feature in VivaLaModa

I have very exciting news to share today!

My Jumbo Heart Rainbow Crayons have been featured in VivaLaModa Fashion Magazine! The article is about eco-friendly Valentines gifts. They chose their top 15 picks and I was number 8!

I am very impressed with the zine overall and they have some really great articles. It is very catchy to look at and I am extremely flattered to be a part of this issue!

Check out the article (page 45 on the pink pages) at their site, .

What do you think of their site or the article? Comment below for your chance to have your Etsy Mini posted on my blog!

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! : All About Newsletters

In 2010 I am becoming more organized and have always wanted to try out a newsletter. Today, I did just that and I am excited to show you what I have found and created!

I first was inspired by TimothyAdamDesigns and his newsletter. He always has so many great tips and links. His e-mail I get is just text and links, so I wanted a little more color and pizzaz to mine since I am artsy and funky anyways.

I went to the Etsy forums and looked up a thread started by etsian, thecyclingartist, about newsletters and mailing lists. I hate using the word mailing list because it sounds like spam and ads. This is not want I want to see or read all the time if I am being picky about which newsletters I am signing up for.

In this thread, I founds two great sites to create a newsletter. Mad Mimi was the first mentioned. While it looks very cool and there were good reviews about it, I wanted something free to start off with to make sure I would stick with a newsletter and learn how to reach my audience. Their site starts off at $8 a month for the same amount of contacts I could have at Mail Chimp, which is the site I am using.

I have found Mail Chimp to be pretty easy to use once I poked around for an hour or two and sent myself a test newsletter. I am able to link my twitter and allow readers to share the newsletter via Facebook and other social networking sites! Now I am ready to send out my first newsletter, which will be bi-monthly and focus on featured artists, Etsy news, tips, and deals!

If you are choosing to create a newsletter or mailing list, there are a few rules and laws you must follow and can be found at the FTC site for the CanSpam Act Laws. Please take a look at these and make sure your newsletters follow the few, but simple laws.

I will be updating this post as I learn more about newsletters and read comments and suggestions from you!

Please take a moment to sign up for my bi-monthly newsletter. Check out my first issue and see what you think? Let me know if it is good, bad, or what could be improved. What do you want to see?? You can always opt out later. Sign up below or to the left side of my blog!

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Treasury Feature

ThePeachTree has chosen my Thank you Linocut Cards for their Treasury! It expires Tuesday evening, so please view, click, and comment if you have the time!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Either you are celebrating a happy Valentine's Day, or promoting Singles Awareness Day. Which ever you choose, I am putting a call out for your Valentine's Day or Anti-Valentine's Day handmade items!

If you are a handmade artist, comment on this blog entry and your item(s) could be featured! I will be putting together a Valentine's Day/Singles Awareness day gift guide with your Etsy shop and links featured!

To submit, please include...

-Your shop name
-Link to shop
-Link to the item you would like featured

Visit my Valentine's Day items in my Etsy shop!
Find other Valentine's Day items in the Etsy Forums!

Photography by Erin Hession.
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