Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Etsy Item of the Day"

WOW! When I was exploring and reading Twitter two nights ago, I looked up people who Re-Tweeted posts of mine and I found the coolest website for those who love Etsy!

The site is called Etsy Item of the Day and it was created by Jackie, who is not affiliated with Etsy or any of the shops of Etsy. She just loves to "Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade," according to her site!

What caught my attention first was the very appealing background (teal is my favorite color) and the simple, short, but sweet posts. One item a day is featured with a short blurb about the item and why she likes it. The items chosen are photographed well, so one could understand why these items have been featured!

I have personally added this blog to my lists of blogs to read each day because Jackie has made it very easy to read and get information to readers. Please take the time to check out this AWESOME site!



Jackie said...

Thank you very much for the sweet words! I appreciate your support, and absolutely love your Etsy shop!

Jackie, Etsy Item of the Day

laughingfridge said...

Thanks for introducing me to a great blog!

Chasity said...

GREAT post~ off to check it out now. =)

Little Waltz said...

Thanks to your post I now have a new blog to read! I've added you on Twitter as well. =)

Christie Cottage said...

Cool site! Thanks!

Elle said...

Her blog looks great! Thanks for sharing!

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