Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sketch Ideas for my First Gocco!

Hello again everyone!!! Sorry there has been a delay in my posts. As the school year comes to a close, my schedule keeps getting busier and busier!

This week was filled with a lot of things, but I did find some time to start sketching ideas for my first gocco. I have had my gocco for about three weeks now and have not done much with it. The screens and bulbs are so expensive, that I wanted to make sure I had some good ideas first.
I want to make some greeting cards first! The first two  ideas I have are below! The one with lots of designs is a little too crowded in one corner I think, but I can white out that part once I make the photocopy for the gocco. 

What do you think? Too crowded or some good diversity and asymmetry?

These designs have been inspired by Vera Bradley and a Crate and Barrel Catalogue for a starting point. I had fun trying to come up with different paisley patterns on the one below. No two paisleys are the same!

Which one do you like better? I am thinking about doing some black and white, a turquoise on brown paper, and  pink on brown paper. I love those color combinations.

I am also on the hunt for print plush!! Link me some from your shop or Flickr if you make them. I am going to do a feature soon on print plush. I really want to make some!

Please vote for your favorite design above!

Monday, April 21, 2008

In Another Treasury!

Once again I am in another treasury! 
This time it is a crayon theme. 

This was put together by TheCrayonBin.

My Original Mini Rainbow Crayons are in this treasury!
Only $6.50 for a set of 5 in my shop!

***Mention this blog post in an Etsy Convo/Order and receive three additional Original Mini Rainbow Crayons with any purchase of any size Rainbow Crayon now though Sunday, April 27th!***

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nicole's Newbie Shop Sharing

Alright, so about 3 weeks ago, I began the search for shops that have only been open for about 3 months or so. I got a lot of response, but  posters did not leave their address or were "new" back in July (that would make me even more of a newbie since I have only been around since November 28th). Anyways, I wanted to share a shop who did provide me with their information and was one who opened up back in November!

Today I am featuring threadednest, who opened her shop on January 15. This shop featured a variety of things from Jewelry and Art Assemblages, to Princess Crowns and Faerie Wands for that little special one in your life. Her items are also carried in several stores throughout the US!
Here are some of the items that caught my eye!

She does take custom order and bulk discounts and the next five buyers receive a free special gift with purchase! Please visit her shop today at this link!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Move Mouse Over Cup!

Before you read anything else today... you must CLICK ON THIS! Talk about creative and interactive advertising!

Student ACEO card of the day (which can be found in the book.... only 1 pre-sale copy left).
This card is created by Garett, Age 9. The title is "Wizard." If you cannot read what it says (I think it is so funny), it says, "My wise senses tell me, It's a Mom!"

In other news, my first grant was fully funded!!!!!!!! With this grant, I will be able to buy supplies for the Family Art Night where families will be creating ACEOs/ATCs. I have to smart small on the site before the site allows me to tackle bigger projects such as buying copies of the book for students.

I am also very excited because today was a half day for me, it is 71 degrees in Indianapolis right now, it is almost 8pm and still sunny, and I AM GOING ON A CRUISE

I absolutely LOVE cruises and have been on three in the past 2 years. I only cruise with Royal Caribbean, because they ROCK!  Anyone else cruise with them?

Anyways, it is not official, but soon will be hopefully. Now Eric (my boyfriend) just needs to get a Soc. Studies Job! If anyone knows of any job openings in the Indianapolis or surrounding areas, give me a heads up! It is a tough time to find a teaching job... 

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Great Deals for ACEO Lovers!

I am happy to announce that my book is in print and I am planning a Family Art Night at my school where students and families will be making and trading Artist Trading Cards! 

I set up my first Alchemy Request, but after some help from Etsians elizabeth4510 and MrsMJ, I wound some very cheap ways to buy 2.5"x 3.5" blank ACEO cards!

ACEO cards can be cut for CHEAP at Kinkos. Here is part of a convo I had with MrsMJ!

All you need to do is get a ream of Cardstock in the color that you want and take it to Kinko's. They have a cutting machine. If you tell them the size you want, they can cut the paper for you. My Kinko's charges me about $1 a cut and can cut a half a ream at a time. So it should cost you around $12 to cut your ream (which will cost anywhere from $5-10). A cardstock ream usually has 250 sheets in it, so if you cut the entire thing, it will yield 2000 ATC's That will last you a LONG time! :)

She is new to Etsy, but already is a smart shopper!

Elizabeth4510 gave me the link to Oriental Trading (which I never knew even sold these)!

I am probably putting a few people out of business, but us teachers and artists have to stick together!

**ATC artwork above is by Will, age 11. He is one of the student artists a part of the ACEO book. His trading card is called Crazy Mug.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Updates and What's New!

Hi everyone! It has been a week since I have updated... yea... I know... It has been a busy week getting back into the swing of things, but I want to catch you up on what I have been doing!

I finally have my place clean!!!!!! I do not think it has been this clean since I moved in, but this time it is ORGANIZED! This is a picture of my new shelf, which is much taller than me. This has most of my current projects and materials I work with stored in it for safe keeping and ALL IN ONE PLACE! Do you even have that problem where you cant quite keep it all in one place or stay organized? It drives me nuts sometimes.

I also got my GOCCO! It came in less than 3 days from Japan! I have not got the chance to use it yet due to my busy schedule, but brainstorming ways to use it and things to make. I know I want to make my fiend's bridal shower invitations using it. Now if only I could get a hold of her to start!

I also finished the ACEO book I have been working hard on the last 3 or so months! I want to thank everyone who has supported this project and waited very patiently for the book. It took about a month longer than I had hoped it would, but now I have worked out the kinks and feel like a pro, so the next edition should be super speedy and just as amazing! I am so impressed with the artists and the student artists involved.

If you would like to order a copy for yourself and support this project (all proceeds go towards buying copies of the book for students and ACEO education) you can snag one of the 2 copies that are at pre-sale SALE PRICE in my etsy shop, or click on the Blurb icon to the right of the blog.

Here are a few sneak peeks at the student pages. More sneak peaks can be found by visiting the Official Book Blog for Create. Collect. Trade.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blue and Brown Treasury

I got another treasury last night! I don't think it meshes too well with each other, but I liked the items! The theme is Blue and Brown and the link can be found HERE.

Some of my favorite etsians are in it as usual... KateFitzpatrick, Shaylamaddox, and I have purchased that exact headband from PurpleLicious before (she has a great shop).

In other news... my spring break is over today. I am getting ready to go to school and prep for tomorrow. I did get a ton accomplished over break, despite the unforeseen trip to Missouri. I am finishing up my book tonight and sending it to the publishers tomorrow if all goes well. It seems like I have been saying that FOREVER, but things keep coming up. I will be thrilled when my students have copies in their hands!

I still have 4 pre-sale copies left in my Etsy shop at the discounted price. It features 30 ACEO artists and over 50 elementary 3rd-5th grade artists in it. All proceeds go towards buying books for the students and ACEO education. 

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gocco Printing

(And was also told of 2 US suppliers. The kits are expensive, but the bulbs and inks are cheap!)

I was over at my friend's house last night, who is amazing at making wedding invitations and all things that have to do with weddings, and she told me about a Gocco Machine.  I had seen Gocco prints in Etsy shops and heard of them before, but had no clue about what it actually was and definitely did not know you cannot find them in the states?!

I REALLY want to get one badly. I thought about e-bay, because for some reason, I did not even think to look on etsy, so I did. I came across etsian, zickezacke, who sells the kits and supplies in her shop. It sells for $100 and $49.00 shipping to the US (EEEEK).  The price is not bad but the shipping?! Understandable because it comes from Japan.

I really, really, really, want to try this. Now I just need to find the money. 

Do you print Gocco? Do you know a great place to get supplies or kits? I would love to hear some of YOUR opinions and even links to samples of your work! 

I am learning all about this wonderful art. I have posted some links to the left of this entry under the crafting section. Here are a few others that are great to check out!

Friday, April 4, 2008

What is Etsy??? Really Neat Facts and Fun!

So I was browsing on Etsy last night and stumbled upon a few pages that I have never really seen or read before. I have many friends and family asking what Etsy is, so I figured I would post and link a few things here for you to play with and look at. 

There is even a very interesting video about Etsy for those who want to know more about it and how it got started!

***The following was taken off You can view these links as a webpage HERE***

The image below is of all the items listed on November 6, 2006 on
The photo above is from and is a composite image of every avatar on Etsy! Very cool!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Hi everyone! 
Thank you for those who continue to visit my blog. I do apologize for not updating yesterday. I received word the other day that my 92-year old grandfather is very sick and was suddenly moved to a nursing home. I took an 8 hour trip to Missouri to go visit him with my father and boyfriend and just arrived back home. He is still not well, and will most likely not get better. Please keep him in your prayers.

On a  more happy note, I came home to discover that my Treasury made the front page!!! I am on the look out for anyone who may have a screenshot of this on the front page (please let me know if you do).

 This is the first time ever that one of mine have made it to the front page! I was very excited to hear this good news. The treasury is pictured above! It is called, "Colors Make the World Go Round." I love colors and love all of the artists that I chose for this collection. I am glad that I was given the chance to share it with everyone!

I am still looking for new Etsy shops to feature for this month! Please see the previous post for more information!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

WANTED: New Etsy Shops to Feature for a New Blog Series!

I am looking for NEW ETSY SHOPS to feature in a new blog series I will be doing for the month of April. 
I would like your shop to be about a month or less old. 

Please comment in this post if you are interested. Be sure to leave your shop link (and blog if you have one).  

Please also answer the following...
1. Where did you hear about ETSY?
2. Why did you want to join ETSY?
3. What do you sell in your shop?

This will help me feature different types of shops. Answers do not have to be long.... Contact me with questions at

**Image by NEW Etsy Shop Trumpetingfrog (Joined March 20, 2008)

ETSY ARTIST FEATURE #6: Shaylamaddox

I have never seen anything like this in my life (and I am an art teacher, was and art major in college, and have been around the arts all my life)!!! 

Etsian Shaylamaddox is an artist who makes Light Reactive Paintings using  acrylic paint, beach sand, candle wax, glass, varnish, and a few other materials. Not only does she create beautiful designs, but the color patterns and ways the light settings/paint react to one another is absolutely stunning. 

It is something that you actually have to look at in order to really understand what I am trying to describe.
She writes on her shop announcement:

"I make my paintings experiential and meditative for the viewer. Light itself changes the color and effect of each piece. They will look different throughout the day (and year) and in all forms of light. My art is also uv reactive and glows in the dark."

She also writes in her profile:

"I've always been an artist, thanks to my mom who was always painting or making stained glass windows when I was growing up.

I believe in "Thin Spaces," which describe any moment in which you feel something more powerful is happening beyond what you see with your eyes. They can happen anywhere and in many forms. Sunsets and sunrises are great examples, or anywhere in nature where something seems particularly profound. It's a moment in which you intuitively sense a greater meaning. Time, space, and reality cease for a moment, and your own profound interpretation takes over.

Please visit to view more of my work. (Mostly larger pieces.)

Also check out my blog at for regular updates about my life, upcoming shows, and an in-depth analysis of each painting as its completed.

+ I donate 10% of all money made through art to Acres of Love. Check out"

Not only is her work beautiful, but she also donates 10% of her profits to Acres of Love

Please comment on her work below. I would love to hear what others think!

Now.... if only my first year art teacher budget could afford it... saving now! It is my goal to own one of these soon!!!!!!
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