Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Move Mouse Over Cup!

Before you read anything else today... you must CLICK ON THIS! Talk about creative and interactive advertising!

Student ACEO card of the day (which can be found in the book.... only 1 pre-sale copy left).
This card is created by Garett, Age 9. The title is "Wizard." If you cannot read what it says (I think it is so funny), it says, "My wise senses tell me, It's a Mom!"

In other news, my first grant was fully funded!!!!!!!! With this grant, I will be able to buy supplies for the Family Art Night where families will be creating ACEOs/ATCs. I have to smart small on the site before the site allows me to tackle bigger projects such as buying copies of the book for students.

I am also very excited because today was a half day for me, it is 71 degrees in Indianapolis right now, it is almost 8pm and still sunny, and I AM GOING ON A CRUISE

I absolutely LOVE cruises and have been on three in the past 2 years. I only cruise with Royal Caribbean, because they ROCK!  Anyone else cruise with them?

Anyways, it is not official, but soon will be hopefully. Now Eric (my boyfriend) just needs to get a Soc. Studies Job! If anyone knows of any job openings in the Indianapolis or surrounding areas, give me a heads up! It is a tough time to find a teaching job... 


June said...

Congratulations on the grant! - That's a good start.
Have fun on the cruise!!!
Good luck to the b.f.'s job hunting, and yes,
that is CLEVER advertising.

Torann said...

firstly that ad is fab!!! and secondly have a blast on your cruise :)

Ronalyn said...

Wow! I really got a kick out of that ad. Fun!

Congratulations on your grant.

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