Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nicole's Newbie Shop Sharing

Alright, so about 3 weeks ago, I began the search for shops that have only been open for about 3 months or so. I got a lot of response, but  posters did not leave their address or were "new" back in July (that would make me even more of a newbie since I have only been around since November 28th). Anyways, I wanted to share a shop who did provide me with their information and was one who opened up back in November!

Today I am featuring threadednest, who opened her shop on January 15. This shop featured a variety of things from Jewelry and Art Assemblages, to Princess Crowns and Faerie Wands for that little special one in your life. Her items are also carried in several stores throughout the US!
Here are some of the items that caught my eye!

She does take custom order and bulk discounts and the next five buyers receive a free special gift with purchase! Please visit her shop today at this link!


missknits said...

what a wonderful shop! and so nice of you to freature a new seller!!

The Nature Nut said...

A great shop - I love it. Thanks for sharing it with us :o)

ArtsyChaos said...

What a fun shop. I love her fun and funky style !

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