Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gocco Printing

(And was also told of 2 US suppliers. The kits are expensive, but the bulbs and inks are cheap!)

I was over at my friend's house last night, who is amazing at making wedding invitations and all things that have to do with weddings, and she told me about a Gocco Machine.  I had seen Gocco prints in Etsy shops and heard of them before, but had no clue about what it actually was and definitely did not know you cannot find them in the states?!

I REALLY want to get one badly. I thought about e-bay, because for some reason, I did not even think to look on etsy, so I did. I came across etsian, zickezacke, who sells the kits and supplies in her shop. It sells for $100 and $49.00 shipping to the US (EEEEK).  The price is not bad but the shipping?! Understandable because it comes from Japan.

I really, really, really, want to try this. Now I just need to find the money. 

Do you print Gocco? Do you know a great place to get supplies or kits? I would love to hear some of YOUR opinions and even links to samples of your work! 

I am learning all about this wonderful art. I have posted some links to the left of this entry under the crafting section. Here are a few others that are great to check out!


Distressing Delilah said...

Thanks for the going to check it out!

The Nature Nut said...

My daughter got a gocco and she had a lot of fun with it. I seem to remember that she got it on ebay and paid a lot for the shipping too. But I think in the end she feels that it was worth it.

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

I've always wondered what those looked like. I've seen people mention them in the forums and it's nice to put an image with the imagination :)

SecretMe said...

wow, you blogged me that was a shock. I might put more up in future if they are helpful then. I have had my gocco for about a year or so and every month or so I buy a few screen and inks, the stash builds up! I love it for printing on fabric, I really love screen printing and it is an easy method, but it can be expensive. Im looking into printing on some fabric for use in my childrens clothes range etc..

thanks for adding me xoxo

Liz said...

There are a couple of places in the States which sell them - and

I am in the UK and you should try getting one there!!!!

You could also try the Gocco group on Flickr and ask there or look in the past discussions because lots of places have been mentioned -

Art2theextreme said...

Thanks Liz. That is really helpful! I saw that the bulbs and inks are cheaper in the states by a landslide. The actual kids in the US are about $260.00!!!!! That is about twice the price I paid for mine though the etsy seller!

Thanks for the tips!

Tina said...

I just got a Gocco too. I love it! All my blog posts have been about gocco. I just can't seem to get it off my mind. I buy all my supplies from Screens are 5 for $12.50 and 10 bulbs for $12.50. That's the cheapest I've found so far. Every order was shipped the same day!

Shell Mitchell said...

oooh... you are going to have so much fun!

Miss Mish Mish said...

Thanks for the information! I would love to have one, it looks like a lot of fun!:)

Margins. said...

I saw these exact kits on etsy as well and it is SO tempting to buy one!! I really really want one too. I've seen people use them before and it doesn't look too bad. Though I am challenged at lots of things...

Try to blog about it if you take the leap. I'd like to know how it turns out for you!

DreamON said...

All of this is great info. I too had wondered what the difference was between Gocco and silkscreen printing. So it was great to see the actual machine here! Thanks.

Brett Ward said...

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Unknown said...

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