Tuesday, April 1, 2008

WANTED: New Etsy Shops to Feature for a New Blog Series!

I am looking for NEW ETSY SHOPS to feature in a new blog series I will be doing for the month of April. 
I would like your shop to be about a month or less old. 

Please comment in this post if you are interested. Be sure to leave your shop link (and blog if you have one).  

Please also answer the following...
1. Where did you hear about ETSY?
2. Why did you want to join ETSY?
3. What do you sell in your shop?

This will help me feature different types of shops. Answers do not have to be long.... Contact me with questions at art2theextreme@yahoo.com

**Image by NEW Etsy Shop Trumpetingfrog (Joined March 20, 2008)


Momo said...

Would be delighted if my month0old etsy shop could be considered

Last may, I started a brick and mortar shop as a workspace for people to explore their own creativity as a way of relaxing. That allowed me the time and space to experiment with my own too. I first heard about Etsy while doing my research for my shop. Last month, I thought I have made enough decent pieces to try selling them. Currently, I have handbound journals, ACEOs and stuff made with angel clay.


Maria said...

My shop is 30 days old today.

I found etsy by chance, had never heard of it before. I've always made things - it's in my blood, but lately had been taking a break. The amazing things on Etsy inspired me to get going again, and when I lose steam, I just log in and get a booster.
At the moment I have necklaces, but I'm busy on little paintings that I hope to put up soon as prints.

The Romantic Portuguese Daughter said...

I'm fairly new. I would love to be blogged about. Oh and as I posted before...your crayons blow mine out of the water!!


AmyBuchheit said...

Hello there! I opened my shop on March 25th or 26th 2008, so very recent.

I heard about Etsy through a friend on MySpace who has a shop here (www.torann.etsy.com). She was always talking it up and I was visiting frequently.

I started looking through all of the works I have created but didn't have an outlet to sell them. Typically things such as these are sold in an Open Studio. But my studio isn't large enough to fit more than one visitor! So I thought this was a good chance to match my experiments and pieces that don't fit the theme of my gallery work with someone who would really appreciate them. At great prices, too.

I sell and eclectic mix of original fine art and photographs, both 2D and 3D - useful and decorative - plus signed handmade frameable note cards.

andrea said...

I think I heard about Etsy in a mag. Home Companion I believe. I loved it right away, spent way too much time there, so decided I should sell a bit to support my habit! lol
I sell childrens fantasy dress up- Faerie crowns, princess hats, wands, etc. Lovely adult quality pieces. Lots for for the young at heart big kids too!
heres my email and shop link-Thanks!

Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

We've been around a while, but I wanted to say that this is a great idea.

Supporting new shops is wonderful and it looks like you have a nice selection to start with above my comment.

Karma by Morgan said...

I would LOVE to be featured on your site :)

Please also answer the following...
1. My sorority sister told me about etsy and I signed up that day, had items up in about a week. She thought it would be a nice way to present my jewelry.

2. I think it is so important to buy things that are handmade. People forget the art of craft...investing in art of this nature is all about love and love of creating.
3. I sell handcrafted jewelry. I enjoy lots of color and interesting semi-precious stones. I also love using art clay silver to make pendants, beads, and rings.

My store is 7 months old. I sell a majority of my items at my local shows. I am hoping to gather an online following and generate more sales.

Mixed Species said...

Great job featuring new Etsy artists! It never ceases to amaze us at the new talent we see on etsy every day. Thanks for sharing it.

Nature Manipulated said...

I look forward to seeing the series.

FYI, I have a weekly interactive post, "Newbies Ask Their Questions."

I'm taking a poll on what day most people would participate.


eva said...

Hi, would love to be featured in your blog!

1. i came about etsy through google search
2. to promote my design and artwork, to share and get inspired with artists
3. my illustration, collage, prints, and handmade accessories.


Thank you!

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