Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wedding Updates and my Weekly Wedding Finds!

GREAT NEWS! Eric and I have a reception hall!!!!

That takes a huge load off of my shoulders and everything seems to be going great. I have been trying on dresses and have one I love. I am going to look around some more to make sure. Everyone says that I will know it is the one when I see it, so we shall see.

As some of you may know, our wedding colors are brown and turquoise. I have been hearting everything thing I see on Etsy that applies to this and wedding related items. I just wanted to share a few today...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Treasuries, Features, and Making the Front Page

Above: My Original Rainbow Crayons made the Front Page!!! What a great Treasury!

Here are some treasury pictures that are a little older, but I never got around to putting up on the blog yet!
Artsy Clay featured one of my items in her blog!

I made this Treasury above with colorful listings!

My drawing of the Ponte Vecchio is the 3rd row, 3rd box.

My Original Rainbow Crayons again....

My Assortment of 5 Jumbo Rainbow Crayons are in the 2nd to last row, middle box.
My Original Rainbow Crayons are on the first row, 3rd box.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I have always wanted to try for a spot in one of the Etsy Cooperative Advertising Programs where Etsy buys a page or two in a magazine and features Etsy sellers with a picture and their shop name. 

Today I finally had my chance since I was available at 1PM EST and was very speedy with the mouse. I literally clicked on the button to purchase the $25 space, GOT THE VENUS ZINE AD, and was sold out a microsecond later. I think it said 19  out of 30 sports left when I purchased the space. 

Can you imagine thousands of Etsians all refreshing and trying for the same space with only 30 spots open? What a rush and very lucky of me. 

Congrats to all who got one and I hope those of you who did not get a spot on the next round!

Above is a sample of an ad Etsy put together for BUST magazine so you can get an idea...

Has anyone purchased a spot before or got this month's? Share here!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Ceramics In my Shop!

I listed a ton of new ceramics today and a little bit last week.... 

Here is a preview...

Some older listings, but surprised they have not been snatched up yet...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Screenprinted T-Shirts in my Shop!

I added two new listings to my shop today with many more to come from my new line of screenprinted t-shirts. These fun shirts have original art I created when on a trip to Italy.

Check them out and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Latest Etsy Purchase from nameframes

A few evenings ago, I decided to use pounce and click on the button to take me to items sold recently. I ran into the shop nameframes and fell in love. I have been wanting to purchase something like this for quite some time, but never got around to it. I had seen the architecture letters before, but I liked using simple, actual letters in this type of art.

I purchased two of these ( I cannot say who for because they could be a possible reader of mine).
This is such a great gift to give as a house warming gift, wedding gift, Christmas present, or any other special occasion. Their prices were great and the service was amazing.

She had  it shipped to me in 24 hours though UPS, so if you want speedy shipping at no extra cost... you now know where to go. I have not gotten the frames yet (since I am never home and UPS does not want to leave it), but I cannot wait!


How long have you been on Etsy? 
I started my first store ( in March and then started the name frame store on July 6th.

How did you Hear about Etsy? 
I have a few friends who had stores on here and I love to shop at their stores!

Where are you from? Ohio.

How did you get the idea of creating these frames and word art? 
I had seen word frames done with items from nature that kind of looked like a letter, but most of the time they are hard to make out and I didn't want one for that reason. I like simple and organized and they were a little too "messy" for me. My hubby calls me "mashed potato's with no gravy". So then I got to thinking - I love fonts, signs and photography so I went around taking photos of different letters with different type faces, textures, etc. and made my own name frame with actual old sign letters. It was SO much more easy to read and I loved how it turned out. I made one for a friend using the photos I had taken, then when her friends saw her sign they wanted one and it just snowballed from there. So I thought I would put them on Etsy and see how they would do. So far I've been amazed and they are SO fun to make!

Do you create any other forms or art? 
I'm actually a scrapbooker/paper craft artist originally. I started to get my work published in magazines a few years ago and figured I had better work on improving my photography and then started to love taking the photos almost as much as scrapbooking them. So now I have two loves. :)

What is your favorite part about Etsy and the Etsy community? 
Definitely the people I have met. I have never met so many friendly and amazing artists in my life! I love seeing all of the unique things that people make and fun ideas they come up with.

Where do you hang out at the most when you are on Etsy? 
Well besides my store, I stalk the Treasury a lot and love the colors feature.

What have you found most helpful or what have you found that works the best for you to get your name out there and sell your items? Any tips for new sellers? 
The best tip I can get is just to try to add something at different days/times. I usually try to add at least one new thing each day whether it is to relist or just adding something new - I've found that that seems to get the most people to my stores. Also if someone blogs about your store that helps a ton (thanks Nicole!!!). Even if it is on your own blog.

I see you have another shop on Etsy? Care to share a little about this one with us? LOL - guess I should have read through these first since I kind of answered it up above! :) I have a papercrafts/scrapbooking shop called Artsy Paper ( which is what I started out with - I really do love all things paper and love making fun little embellishments, note cards, etc.

If you had an unlimited budget, what Etsy item would you purchase? 
I would re-decorate my daughters' room completely with sweet childrens items I found on Etsy!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Etsy Shop Feature: PaintedHorse

I would like to tell you all about a wonderful shop today! I recently discovered Etsian, PaintedHorse and fell in love with her work! 

The bracelet above is the item I received from her shop (the bracelet is just as stunning as I thought it would be by seeing the photo). Shipping was super quick and I was surprised and overly impressed by the quality and care she put in her packaging.

Here are some photos of how she packaged the bracelet I received!

Below is my interview with PaintedHorse:

How long have you been on Etsy? Less than 3 months

Where are you from? Originally from the Catskill Mountains in NY, then several years in PA, and moved to the beautiful Rocky Mountains 5 years ago.

When did your first start creating jewelry? Began making earrings about 8 years ago and "that’s all she wrote"! :) I am self taught but have taken many classes along the way…

Do you create any other forms or art? What is your favorite? Yes, I make handmade cards for my own use. Jewelry is my passion, however.

What is your favorite part about Etsy and the Etsy community? Oh, hands down, it is the wonderful, talented, caring artisans I have “met” there. Etsians are so generous with their time, experience and knowledge. I have learned so very much in the short time I have been there.

Where do you hang out at the most when you are on Etsy? Well, aside from checking my own shop approximately 100 times a day, I visit the forums quite often… and of course, window shop a lot!

I see that you are a newer shop. What have you found most helpful or what have you found that works the best for you to get your name out there and sell your items? Any tips for new sellers? 

Well, when I first opened my shop, I sent an email to absolutely all my friends and family, asking them to take a look at mu shop, let me know what their suggestions and/or comments were… and if they liked it, to please pass the link on to everyone they know! I also make copies of my designs and wear them all the time. I often get compliments from co-workers and strangers alike and then I hand out my business cards, when appropriate. 

I am still learning myself, so don’t have any sterling words of advice for newbies, except to visit the forums and read everything that pertains to your craft. There are amazing artists at Etsy who are so willing to share and help! Also, believe in yourself and your designs!  (GREAT ADVICE!)

It also helps to have a wonderful husband who is so encouraging and supportive of what I do!

If you had an unlimited budget, what Etsy item would you purchase? Honestly, I would be the FIRST one to buy an item from SO many new shops on Etsy. That first sale is so exciting, and I would be happy to make that come true!

Please take the time to check out this AMAZING shop! You will not be disappointed! 


I just wanted to announce that IT IS MY BIRTHDAY! YAY! Maybe I will get some extra sales as a birthday present to me! Here is a picture of the Etsy Birthday Page (I am the Rainbow Crayons at the bottom, full row)!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th Of July!

ArT2ThEeXtReMe In ThE PrEsS

Happy 4th of July everyone! Boy has it been a busy week. I have several Crayon orders come in that I have been working on. I am also putting up new paintings in my shop and coming out with an awesome new shirt!

Today I want to share some links where I have been featured or noticed. Also, the new crafting challenge has come out for SC Johnson's Clean Home Journal in which I am the featured Crafting Expert of the Month!

This month's theme is Eye Candy. On the site, I teach viewers how to make a clutch and wallet using candy wrappers and packaging tape! Sounds odd, but it is very cool!

Check it out for a fun craft to make. I would appreciate any comments you post on the site or any ratings you could give me ( 5 Houses is the best, 1 is the worst). 

You can also submit your own projects based on the theme in a contest. Two etsians have won in the past 2 months, so you could be next!

I was also in the recent May issue of Etsy Press Club for Clean Home Journal!

I will have more articles and fun things to share this week plus an interview with Etsian PaintedHorse, who creates wonderful bracelets and jewelry!

Be safe tonight and Happy 4th!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Updates, Treasuries, and More!

I have been here and there for about a week and have not had a ton of time to update at all since the engagement. Your your loyal readers, sorry to keep you waiting.

WEDDING NEWS: Still no official date yet. My church is getting a new priest, so we have to wait till they call us to set up an initial meeting.  A lot of things are waiting on this, so it is making me nervous.... Did I mention that Brown and Teal/Turquoise/Aqua are our official wedding colors?!

I HAVE gone bridesmaid shopping with both my mother and Eric's sisters. Here is one of my favorites so far by Alfred Angelo. Too bad all the other ones I like are being discontinued!

Image from

IN THE SHOP: I put up some new prints of watercolor paintings and ink drawings I created on my last trip to Italy. They are pretty awesome! I want to go back so bad. Maybe you will purchase them so I can fun my honeymoon to __(Fill in the blank)____?!?!?!

TREASURIES: I have been in several treasuries over the past week or so... my Jumbo Star Rainbow Crayons were featured in the first one listed, my "Night on the Town" print was featured on the one below it.  The Rainbow Treasury made the front page, but I missed it :(
Hope everyone is having a great week! Thanks for catching up with me!
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