Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Updates, Treasuries, and More!

I have been here and there for about a week and have not had a ton of time to update at all since the engagement. Your your loyal readers, sorry to keep you waiting.

WEDDING NEWS: Still no official date yet. My church is getting a new priest, so we have to wait till they call us to set up an initial meeting.  A lot of things are waiting on this, so it is making me nervous.... Did I mention that Brown and Teal/Turquoise/Aqua are our official wedding colors?!

I HAVE gone bridesmaid shopping with both my mother and Eric's sisters. Here is one of my favorites so far by Alfred Angelo. Too bad all the other ones I like are being discontinued!

Image from www.alfredangelo.com

IN THE SHOP: I put up some new prints of watercolor paintings and ink drawings I created on my last trip to Italy. They are pretty awesome! I want to go back so bad. Maybe you will purchase them so I can fun my honeymoon to __(Fill in the blank)____?!?!?!

TREASURIES: I have been in several treasuries over the past week or so... my Jumbo Star Rainbow Crayons were featured in the first one listed, my "Night on the Town" print was featured on the one below it.  The Rainbow Treasury made the front page, but I missed it :(
Hope everyone is having a great week! Thanks for catching up with me!


Jamie said...

That dress is very pretty and flattering (speaking as a person who used to work at a bridal shop...)

I really like that dress and hope we can go shopping together sometime soon! (speaking as MOH...)


earmark said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! The ring and the bridesmaid gowns are beautiful! also, the watercolor painting is lovely! YAHOO!

Beat Black said...

thats a very beautiful dress and i love your taste in colours! its going to be a beautiful one :)

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