Monday, March 31, 2008

Etsy for Causes: Kate Fitzpatrick and Women For Women International

I love buying from shops that donate a percentage of their money to a cause or organization. As many of you know, proceeds from my ACEO book go towards ACEO education and the elementary student artists who contributed to the book along with the etsy/ebay artists. 

I have known Etsian KateFitzpatrick for a long time now and she has beautiful work that is very affordable. Her prints, paintings, and jewelry are AMAZING! Someday if I ever have kids, I want to hire her to paint murals in their rooms!

Anyways, until April 8th, 100 % of her profits from her Etsy shop go towards sponsoring a women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo through Women for Women International. She also participated in an International Conference Call that took place a week or so back (the call can be listened to on her blog)!

She writes in her profile:

"March 8th is International Women's Day! In honor of that, starting March 8th and going until April 8th (a full month!!) 100% of the profits of everything sold in my shop are going straight to sponsoring a woman in the Democratic Republic of the Congo who is a survivor of war, rape, and sexual torture. I am sponsoring her through an amazing organization called Women for Women International. You can read more about this on my blog, at So buy some art and know that your cash is going straight to an amazing cause!"

Please visit her shop and support her cause!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Topic Talk #4: PIMP MY BLOG... Extreme Style...

The more and more I research blogs and look at other blogs, the more and more I find. 
In an older post called "Useful Links to Help Bloggers," I had talked about a wonderful site called Blog Buster. This is the site that provided step-by-step instructions on how to change your layout to the 3 column format (which I adore). 

Today, I discovered some new things on this site that are fun to add, ways to save space, and make your blog more attractive (or more to your personal style rather than the same old, same old blog template). 

For the frequent visitors, you can see I have changed my blog to put a colored background with rounded corners for my middle section (You can chose any colors and even put colors in the background of the side bars. I have yet to decide if I like the light blue (do you?), but I thought it was fun. I just hope it does not make my blog look cheesy.

Want a colored background with rounded colors?  VISIT HERE

I had not had a labels widget on my blog since I have way to many labels (tags for posts). I did want to try the labels drop down menu and give it a whirl. Check on the right side of my blog to see what it looks like (under my "Blog Archive" section). This saves a ton of space for those who do include labels and is an easy way to search subjects on a blog.

Want your own drop down menu for your labels? VISIT HERE

I signed up for MyBlogLog today. I am not too sure what this really does, but I will be in touch again about this. Many bloggers are signed up for it though. Anyways, if you have one (or even if you dont) this special feature will put BlogLog avatars with comments when a visitor to your blog comments on a post. Mine all have question marks for now, but I am going to see if this works. 

Want avatars for those who comment to show up in your comments page? VISIT HERE

The three top search engines, Google, Yahoo, and MSN prevent you from becoming indexed in their searches most of the time because of this tag embedded in your blog "rel='nofollow'." This is used in HTML coding to reduce spam when indexing these sites. The bad part for you is that you are a "legit" site, but these codes automatically prevent you from being indexed into these sites. Yes, when we "Google" ourselves, they come up, but you could have EVEN MORE!
I could only find two of the three places where this code is embedded. Maybe you will have better luck, but 2 out of 3 still help.

Want the NOFOLLOW taken off of your HTML? VISIT HERE

I found a way to put text buttons on the blog. They are supposed to be light blue with white lettering, but I have not perfected it yet. It can be seen at the top of my blog on the upper right hand side. This is experimental for me...

Want your own link buttons for easy navigation? VISIT HERE

I have not decided if this is useful or annoying (Please kindly give me your opinion). Snapshop lets you view the webpage of an active link in a small "snapshot". It makes your site more interactive and does not affect the blog loading time. Please try it out on my site and let me know what you think.

Want your own Snap Shop widget on your blog? VISIT HERE

Well... I have been on the computer for way too long... Try these out and let me know what you think! I hope it helps you "Pimp out your blog" as some might say. Check back for more tips soon!

*Links and information provided by under the "Tutorials" link.
*Image provided by etsy user spidercamp.

Friday, March 28, 2008

ART-O-MAT... An Art Vending Machine

While poking around ETSY the other day, I came across a thread called "Art-o-Mat." The name sounded cool, so I clicked on it. I instantly fell in love with this idea... (and I found out that there is one about 15 minutes away from me in Indianapolis!)

What is an Art-o-mat? 
Art-o-mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art. There are 82 active machines in various locations throughout the country. 

What do you get from an Art-o-mat? 
The experience of pulling the knob alone is quite a thrill, but you also walk away with an original work of art. What an easy way to become an art collector. 

Want to be an Artomat artist? 
There are around 400 contributing artists from 10 different countries currently involved in the Art*o*mat project. We are always searching for fresh work. 

*This information comes from

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break is Almost Here.... BEACH TREASURY!

My latest treasury is a beach theme since tomorrow at noon starts my spring break (I am a teacher)! Here are some really fun items for you to enjoy and think of warm thoughts. Too bad I am not going anywhere....


I have also opened up Project Wonderful Ad Space if anyone would like to advertise on my blog, which is slowly, but surely gaining viewers! Let me know if you have any questions!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

TOPIC TALK #3: It is Spring and That Means.... CRAFT FAIR TIME!

Today I signed up for my first official craft/art fair! It is being held in Bloomington, IN (home of IU) and I am super excited! I have never really sold at a real craft fair, so hopefully I do well. I am basically taking this as a learning experience since I do not have an official sign, fancy set up, or credit card machine. 

I started a thread about two days ago about craft fairs to see what other's tips and opinions are about them and tips for a newbie. 

Fluffy Flowers' blog had some great tips for farmer's markets and fairs that I have been looking at as well! It is a whole series of blogs about set up, other vendors, promotion, pricing, etc. I found this very helpful, as well as the thread I started. Thanks for everyone who gave me input!

Tips to Remember:
-Put a blank book out for customers to sign up for an e-mail list. 
-Have a drawing (place it near the book for them to sign up for the e-mail list and raffle at the same time).
-Put tables in a U shape if you have more than one.
-Use layers and levels when displaying items in your booth.
-Have business cards!
-Get a tall chair and do not sit behind the table the whole time.
-Make eye-contact and be friendly. If you are fake, it is noticeable!
-When people ask you how your day has been, answer positively, "Great, I am having fun." Customers do not want to hear you complain or that you  have not sold anything.
-Have many items with different price ranges. Make sure some things are low in price for those who feel they just  have to buy something!

Etsian CoryellDesign also put a nice list of things not to forget to bring (about midway though the page).

Have you ever participated in a craft/art fair? Do you have any tips for me or other readers? Please comment here! I would love to hear what you have to say.

Also, I have a survey at the top about things I should bring to sell at the fair this weekend. Please vote. I would like to see what is popular from my shop in your opinion!

OMG!Lia? also has a blog update about what to bring to a craft fair. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Yesterday, I started a blog link exchange and added this blog by GalleryJuana. I was so impressed by their work at first site that I wanted to feature them tonight!

Here is some information about this artist from their Etsy profile!

"My name is Juana, and I have been living in Japan since 2002. This is my third time to live in Japan.

My Suiboku-Ga subjects range from portraits to still-life. Space and color are delicately balanced and lend an ethereal feeling to each painting.

My favorite materials in my mixed media paintings: Rice Paper (washi), Japanese watercolors, ink, acrylics, gouache and western watercolors and canvas board. Paintings that are done on rice paper are then mounted onto a thicker sheet of rice paper. If it is a collage, the materials will be explained on each listing."

My interest went right to her ACEOS (which I LOVE) since I am publishing a book about ACEOs. The picture above No. 7 from the series The Nude Women with a Red Towel.

You can also visit her BLOG HERE

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Useful Links to Help Bloggers!

Welcome to those who have never been to my blog before! If you have, then welcome back. You might have noticed some changes to the blog today. I DO have a new format that I am working with and I am so excited to share some new sites with you!

Today I started a Blog Exchange in the Etsy Forums to network, link, and exchange!

Here are some things I learned while visiting other's blogs!

1. Thanks to TimelessPaperArts, I learned how to edit HTML to make a third column on my blog. I had seen blogs with this and was so jealous for the longest time. Here is the link they provided me with that gives step-by-step instructions!

2. There is this really neat gadget for your blog that can track where visitors live on a small map. I found this widget on the blog by etsian fede

I am never sure what gadgets to use on blogs because I hate having to get new passwords, usernames, junk mail, etc. BUT... the GOOD NEWS is that I just had to copy/past the HTML. No sign-up is necessary! You can even customize the colors you want it! Check it out below!

3. These are some of my new favorite blogs after adding them today! Check them out and give them a whirl!

Ok... I think that is all I wanted to say for now! It is odd for me to post twice, but I have time to make up for and I wanted to share these links with you!

Please visit the Blog Exchange Thread if you would like to be apart of this!

Llama Treasury!

My treasuries seem to go by so quickly before I can share them with others. I LOVE llamas. It is more of an inside joke with my boyfriend and I, but I found some very cool things on Etsy related to llamas, so I made a treasury (pictured above).

When I showed him all of the listings, he immediately had me buy a llama ACEO from Etsian AnnRan, whose shop can be found here. I figured I would add it to the other ACEOs I have been sharing with my students.

In other news, the ACEO book with works by Etsy artists and my 3rd-5th grade elementary artists has reached over 1000 views in a week. Only 5 pre-sale copies are left! Buy one today and help out student artists!

Please visit my treasury, which will only be up for about one more day, or comment about it here!

If you are bored..... VISIT THIS SITE! This is a funny Llama video that you HAVE to see!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Announcing the COVER ARTISTS and the PRE-SALE of Create. Collect. Trade.!

Pre-sale for Create. Collect. Trade. began yesterday (3/15) with copies already sold!

For a limited time, ordering your pre-sale copy gives you a discounted price! 

All proceeds from Create. Collect. Trade. go towards the purchase of student copies of the book.

30 Etsy and Ebay ACEO artists are featured alongside 3rd-5th grade elementary school artists! I cannot think of a more meaningful and inspirational collaboration. If you were ever wanting to get into ACEO or ATC art, this is the book to get! There are so many inspirational images, teaching tools, and actual ATCs made by students included in the book. 

There are six student ATCs featured on the cover (grades 3-5)... can you guess which ones 
those are???

Want your own FREE copy of Create. Collect. Trade.?
This project is so important to the artists and students involved that we want the word to spread. There is already a waiting list for artists to be featured in the next edition.

Visit the Official Book Blog at THIS LINK for more information!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Black Apple on Martha!

Last week I got to watch the ETSY segment of Martha when Rob was on the show. I saw some amazing shops and shops I had even gotten to know! I had never run across seller, theblackapple, before other than looking at the Top Sellers List every once in awhile.

Today in the threads, I came across this thread about theblackapple on Etsy. I just think it is so cool when sellers ae featured on the show, so I watched the clip and was very impressed by her! Being a 1st year art teacher and college art major, I was so excited to see someone as young as myself making a living off of her talent.

This is only my third month on ETSY and I sold my 100th item on Monday! It is sure a start, but nowhere near the 13,096 sales she has had as of today! She is currently the top seller on ETSY and creates wonderful prints, paintings, and dolls in her shop.

Please take some time to check out this link to her shop.

Click here to be taken to the video segment!

Click here to the thread about her feature!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I think I am Going to Go Crazy..........

This week has been crazy in the way or new customers. It is weird how business is because in order for me to sell more, I have to raise my prices. I had recently posted some new crayon designs. Usually my crayons are hot sellers, but I have not spent as much time promoting my shop and products with so many things going on  in my life and three separate projects that need to also be completed this weekend.  The good news is that I completed my first THREE wholesale transactions this week!!!

These orders were HUGE compared to what I normally create at a time. I am sure I have been breathing in a ton of wax fumes (but the crayons are non toxic, so I should be safe right) and that will take its toll in about 40 years. I am almost complete with all three except for packaging, labeling and shipping. The only thing I do not have complete are the Rainbow Butterfly Crayons(see picture from previous entry) because they are so slow and time consuming to make! THEY ARE DRIVING ME NUTS! These large crayons are the coolest ever, but I have to make them one at a time. I have 10 out of 60 to make. I think after these orders, I will not wholesale those again....

In other news, the book I am creating about ACEO Art and Artists is coming along great. I have recently written a grant that will provide copies of Create. Collect. Trade. to all of 3rd grade at both schools (about 110 copies). Please wish me luck in getting this grant because it would mean so much for myself, the students, the artists in the book, and ACEO art in general. If you would like to make a $5.00 donation or donate a whole copy of the book for $23.00 (and get a dedication/donor label for the book) please visit The Official Book Blog for Create. Collect. Trade.

I was also featured in a blog this past week. Elektrajewelry blogged about my shop and my crayons, saying some wonderful things about my products and some of the services and items I sell/offer.
Well... I am hoping things will slow down for a bit, so I can catch up with life! Hopefully I will have more time to blog now! Check back for more updates!
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