Sunday, March 16, 2008

Announcing the COVER ARTISTS and the PRE-SALE of Create. Collect. Trade.!

Pre-sale for Create. Collect. Trade. began yesterday (3/15) with copies already sold!

For a limited time, ordering your pre-sale copy gives you a discounted price! 

All proceeds from Create. Collect. Trade. go towards the purchase of student copies of the book.

30 Etsy and Ebay ACEO artists are featured alongside 3rd-5th grade elementary school artists! I cannot think of a more meaningful and inspirational collaboration. If you were ever wanting to get into ACEO or ATC art, this is the book to get! There are so many inspirational images, teaching tools, and actual ATCs made by students included in the book. 

There are six student ATCs featured on the cover (grades 3-5)... can you guess which ones 
those are???

Want your own FREE copy of Create. Collect. Trade.?
This project is so important to the artists and students involved that we want the word to spread. There is already a waiting list for artists to be featured in the next edition.

Visit the Official Book Blog at THIS LINK for more information!


JazziesJunque said...

Great blog an it's great that you are teaching about ACEO's.


Thanks for the heart on etsy!

lskcrochet said...

That's great that the 3rd and 5th graders are being included. I think that my 6 year old has the gift of drawing. It is encouraging to see that Art is still being cultivated. I added your link to my blog. Have a great week!

seaglassthings said...

Hey there!! I think we were in the Handbook to Handmade Vol 3 issue - correct? I love your crayons - they are totally rad - fantastic blog and great to "see" you ;0) Marla

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