Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Treasuries, Features, and Making the Front Page

Above: My Original Rainbow Crayons made the Front Page!!! What a great Treasury!

Here are some treasury pictures that are a little older, but I never got around to putting up on the blog yet!
Artsy Clay featured one of my items in her blog!

I made this Treasury above with colorful listings!

My drawing of the Ponte Vecchio is the 3rd row, 3rd box.

My Original Rainbow Crayons again....

My Assortment of 5 Jumbo Rainbow Crayons are in the 2nd to last row, middle box.
My Original Rainbow Crayons are on the first row, 3rd box.


Cherry Lane Jane said...

your a lucky one! I have seen you up on the front page and in all those treasuries! Congrats!!!! I have only been inn one so far.

shoeforyou222 said...

Congrats for being on the front page!!

Angela said...

Congratulations!!!! :)*HUGS*

Arty Allsorts said...

Just spotted this - that's my soft rose in the treasury under your Ponte Vecchio - I have a lovely photo of the bridge - what's the betting we stood in the same spot?

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