Tuesday, April 1, 2008

ETSY ARTIST FEATURE #6: Shaylamaddox

I have never seen anything like this in my life (and I am an art teacher, was and art major in college, and have been around the arts all my life)!!! 

Etsian Shaylamaddox is an artist who makes Light Reactive Paintings using  acrylic paint, beach sand, candle wax, glass, varnish, and a few other materials. Not only does she create beautiful designs, but the color patterns and ways the light settings/paint react to one another is absolutely stunning. 

It is something that you actually have to look at in order to really understand what I am trying to describe.
She writes on her shop announcement:

"I make my paintings experiential and meditative for the viewer. Light itself changes the color and effect of each piece. They will look different throughout the day (and year) and in all forms of light. My art is also uv reactive and glows in the dark."

She also writes in her profile:

"I've always been an artist, thanks to my mom who was always painting or making stained glass windows when I was growing up.

I believe in "Thin Spaces," which describe any moment in which you feel something more powerful is happening beyond what you see with your eyes. They can happen anywhere and in many forms. Sunsets and sunrises are great examples, or anywhere in nature where something seems particularly profound. It's a moment in which you intuitively sense a greater meaning. Time, space, and reality cease for a moment, and your own profound interpretation takes over.

Please visit
www.shaylamaddox.com to view more of my work. (Mostly larger pieces.)

Also check out my blog at
www.shayoa.blogspot.com for regular updates about my life, upcoming shows, and an in-depth analysis of each painting as its completed.

+ I donate 10% of all money made through art to Acres of Love. Check out

Not only is her work beautiful, but she also donates 10% of her profits to Acres of Love

Please comment on her work below. I would love to hear what others think!

Now.... if only my first year art teacher budget could afford it... saving now! It is my goal to own one of these soon!!!!!!


Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

Those look amazing!!!

I'd love to see them in person.

Amazing work, and excellent feature article!

Michelle said...

I've been a fan of her work for quite some time now. She is an amazing artist and a wonderful person!

June said...

Awesome! Exactly what I was thinking - would love to see in in real life!
Thanks, Nicole, for introducing her to us.

shayoa said...

Wow, thank you for the great comments!

It's an honor to be featured. I really appreciate it.

I'm so happy when more people find out about Acres of Love too! They are amazing. :o)

Thanks so much, Nicole!!

:o) shayla

ArtsyChaos said...

What incredible art !! Such color and... movement !!

Kerry said...

Those are simply fantastic! Thanks for introducing me to such amazing work.

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