Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sketch Ideas for my First Gocco!

Hello again everyone!!! Sorry there has been a delay in my posts. As the school year comes to a close, my schedule keeps getting busier and busier!

This week was filled with a lot of things, but I did find some time to start sketching ideas for my first gocco. I have had my gocco for about three weeks now and have not done much with it. The screens and bulbs are so expensive, that I wanted to make sure I had some good ideas first.
I want to make some greeting cards first! The first two  ideas I have are below! The one with lots of designs is a little too crowded in one corner I think, but I can white out that part once I make the photocopy for the gocco. 

What do you think? Too crowded or some good diversity and asymmetry?

These designs have been inspired by Vera Bradley and a Crate and Barrel Catalogue for a starting point. I had fun trying to come up with different paisley patterns on the one below. No two paisleys are the same!

Which one do you like better? I am thinking about doing some black and white, a turquoise on brown paper, and  pink on brown paper. I love those color combinations.

I am also on the hunt for print plush!! Link me some from your shop or Flickr if you make them. I am going to do a feature soon on print plush. I really want to make some!

Please vote for your favorite design above!


Cathe said...

Wow, that took me back to highschool and how I would doodle endlessly on my notebooks! Your paisleys are great! I vote for #1.

I have a gocco set (inks, apparel screens and inks, etc.) from over 13 years ago, and I hardly ever used it! I should pull that baby out, I'll watch to see how yours comes out!

Beyond the Rockz said...

Both are wonderful ... do I really have to choose?!!

(great blog!)

DAMdesigns said...

Awsome choices! I really like both! Make both into cards and I dont think there is too much in the top one! No such thing as too much for art

annie/curbsidetreasure said...

i am liking #1, it looks great :)
i wish i had a gocco, it sounds fun.

Nora said...

Oh man hard choice! I think I like the second one. Though the first one is so very cool! Not too busy at all.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Looks like fun.I like the second one best.

fifi said...

I like the second one best - but they're both great!

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