Friday, May 2, 2008

My First Gocco Night

On a rainy Friday night, I decided to try my hand at my gocco and break it in for the first time. I was a little scared that I would mess up my first screen (because they cost $20.00 for the screen and bulbs that you can only use once basically).

Last weekend, I made two sketches of some interesting designs for my first print (see pervious entry) and hopefully make cards from. I prepared earlier in the week making photocopies in various sizes to see how large or small I wanted my design to be. 

I also went to Kinkos, where I grabbed a large stack of good quality card stock and had a staff member use the electronic cutter to cut the paper to the size I wanted (only about $1.40 per cut though the whole stack). It saved me time and cost me less than $10.00 for about 200 sheets of smaller paper cut perfectly (and only took 3 minutes after getting their attention). 

All I really did before beginning  tonight was look at the tutorials and step-by-step pictures that I had listed in my previous blogs about gocco. It was very easy and self explanatory for the most part. 

Here are some photos below from tonight!

This is just starting off with my photo copy on the gray sticky pad. 

Inking the screen! I was worried that I did something wrong because the screen looked like it had squares on it afterwards.

Did I put too much on the screen???

Ready to print my first one...

Press down!

Voila! My first print!!!!!

It was very easy to keep printing. I even made a few ACEOs! 

Look in my shop for my prints and a few limited edition ACEOs this weekend! 


DreamON said...

How cool that you got something that looks so great the very first time! I remember the cleaning from silkscreen class was very hard on my hands. I hope they have new goo that makes the cleaning easier.

Renaissance_a3 said...

Very nice! I love this whole process and the design is beautiful. It's exciting isn't it, that first experience.


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