Saturday, May 3, 2008

Listed Etsy Items From my First Gocco Experience!!!!

Last night I made my first gocco screen and printed a small edition of prints and ACEOs from the "Paisley Ann" design!

Below are photos of this at each step from the sketches in my journal to the actual making of the screen and prints.

I have listed the actual prints in my Etsy shop ( limited edition of 10).

I have also listed two ACEO designs that are limited editions of 3 each of that style.

I would love any feedback that you may have for me. 

I would also love to see what you are creating. Please share YOUR gocco prints with my by replying with a link to the item in your shop and I will post them for you in my future postings!!!!


Beat Black said...

o wow, i just checked out the steps you did. i had no idea what gocco really was until now. id love to try that sometime!

The Nature Nut said...

They look great! I don't do gocco but my daughter has one but I just checked her shop and she hasn't got any if her gocco stuff listed right now.

Liz said...

I love your design! Here are a few of mine:
I've got a lot of pics on my blog too. I do a lot of printing on fabric as well as paper. (My blog is at - the Blogger link takes you to the other blogs I'm involved in).

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