Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Week of Treasuries and Good Luck!

(Mine is the Second Row, Middle Image)

So it was a record week for treasuries and I had an item on the FRONT PAGE for the first time. Now I have had 1 treasury on the front, and 1 item to my knowledge! It was weird because the same item was chosen for each treasury and it was not even an item I had listed that week.. weird....  You can own this ACEO today for only $3.00!

I also was in three other treasuries at once and had one myself.

Here are some of the screenshots from these collections for your viewing pleasure!

(First row, 3rd image)

(Third Row, Middle Image)
I also sold 6 orders of my Rainbow Crayons throughout the last week or so!

Oh wow! As I am looking around Etsy, I just had a convo about another treasury I am in. Different item this time....

(Third Row, Middle Image)


Tatyana said...

wow, major congrats on the first page feature!

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