Monday, May 5, 2008

Gocco Print Sharing

I wanted to share a few gocco prints from some etsians who read, posted, and replyed to my latest gocco entry!

***UPDATE 5/11***
I put a new gocco print in my Etsy shop today! I have it in both print and ACEO format so far, but wanting to make cards soon!

Etsian clearpink has the coolest gocco note cards in her shop! I love the fish and the flower one personally and they are a great price!

Lizplummer has sold several of her gocco prints and journals since opening her shop on December 16, 2007. She took the time to share these images with me in a post!

Want to share your gocco? Just put some links of your work in a comment in this post and I will share with readers!


Clear Pink said...

I love gocco. I have several note cards sets in my shop right now. Take a look.

beanblossom said...

I got my first Gocco when we lived in Noblesville. I drove up to Dick Blick's in Schaumburg IL to get it and of course, nobody knew what the heck it was back in Indy! (this was 2+++ years ago).

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