Monday, May 19, 2008

Travel Plans and Fun Finds!

6 Days left of my first year of teaching! 

I have loved every minute of it, but I am ready for the summer, to start making more of my new art, and for VACATION!

For those of you who may not have read previous entries, I am going on a cruise though Royal Caribbean the second week of June! I have been on several cruises, but this is the first time my boyfriend will be going on one. I was concerned that his passport would not come in on time, but it got to him within a week without the extra rush fee! Great job USPS!

I have been every bit please with USPS so far, which is not normal from what I have heard. Since I have upgraded to printing my own shipping and postage though paypal and invested in a scale, postal life has become much easier! There is even the sweetest lady in the post office that knows me by name (but calls me little bit) and is so kind, even when they are rushed.

Anyways, back to traveling...

I want to buy a passport holder, purse, travel pouch, something cool for the trip. I am leaning more towards the passport holder, even though the cool ones on ETSY are expensive. Here are some sellers and items I am liking the best so far!

Passport Wallet by glassbeach

I love the way this one below is organized! I need pockets!!!
Travel Organizer Wallet by Sewnsational

Graceful Cranes Passport Holder by Minmade

Passport Holder by ponyup

Which one is YOUR favorite???


Beat Black said...

ooOOoo, its tough but i like glassbeach's one the most

ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

I like them all!
Have fun on your trip!

Art2theextreme said...

Thanks so much for looking. I do like glassbeach's as well.. it is between that one and one with the zipper!

Patti said...

Aren't the passport holders on etsy fabulous? Congratulations on completeing your first year teaching. As a retired teacher, I know what an accomplishment that is!

Art2theextreme said...

Thanks so much patti! I love the. Purchasing one tonight... just have to decide which one!

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