Saturday, January 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Either you are celebrating a happy Valentine's Day, or promoting Singles Awareness Day. Which ever you choose, I am putting a call out for your Valentine's Day or Anti-Valentine's Day handmade items!

If you are a handmade artist, comment on this blog entry and your item(s) could be featured! I will be putting together a Valentine's Day/Singles Awareness day gift guide with your Etsy shop and links featured!

To submit, please include...

-Your shop name
-Link to shop
-Link to the item you would like featured

Visit my Valentine's Day items in my Etsy shop!
Find other Valentine's Day items in the Etsy Forums!

Photography by Erin Hession.


splatkat86 said...

Hello, I would love to be featured.. i have some black crystal heart earrings great for the non valentines day lover!!:
my shop is
thanks for your time!
P.S. I also have quite a few of other Valentines day items as well!

Tess Carter said...

Something unique and sweet...
this "Simple Sarah" painting!
chic, affordable, original paintings!

Valerie said...

Hi I have some red rose earrings that someone can purchase for themselves (love yourself first) or to give to someone spcial:
My shop is:

Susan said...

Hi, I would love to be featured on your blog.
My shop is
and here is my item
Thanks so much for the chance to be featured. Susan

ajreid said...

Can't wait to see what your gift guide's look like

I've got a red roses quilt that I know I'd love to get for V'Day.

Linda said...

I have some turquoise glass heart earrings at

Designs By Sari Lynne said...

My Double Strand Purple Heart Necklace would make a lovely Valentine's Day gift:

from my store:

Thanks for looking!

Tracie Seed said...

My Red Hot Heart shaped Hand Warmer would be great:

tinymishaps said...

So my ideas, are a bit more out there... I've also got plenty of pretty jewelry for the traditional, but how about these-
From TinyMishaps

For those who love the weird or the corny- 'Eyes for You' , literally...

And for those who want something for friends, or just want to endure all the pink and red and mushy stuff, BINGO Cards ;)-

Nevita said...

Very LOVEly,


Gypsy love - St Valentine hand knitted scarf HOT January collection

Victoria said...

My Valentine's item is a pair of earrings featuring brass swallows carrying deep red heart jewels...

The Moss Garden


Hallie said...

just created a v-day sweetheart hat!

my shop is


fabricatedends said...

I would love to be featured




vivelafrance said...

I love your anti-valentine's day theme. It was always such downer when people ask what you're doing for v-day when your answer is nothing. I've been married 6 years now and it's just not our thing. I do however love love notes. I have a section full of them. But tonight I'm going with "torrid"

Debra said...

Cool pendent!
I would love to be featured...

Dippylulu said...

I have an appropriate section on anti V day cards. Even better is that all my profits go towards Haiti relief!

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