Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back from the Bahamas!

I am back from the Bahamas! Glad to see several sales and visitors while I was gone and my heart count jumped up about 20 people.... WOW! Thanks everyone. I need to go on vacation more often!
Eric and I at the airport ready to leave. Can't you see we are so excited?!

I am blogging today to post some photos of the trip. I took a Royal Caribbean Cruise on the Majesty of the seas with my boyfriend to Nassau and Coco Cay! We had so much fun. I only wish it lasted longer. This was my 4th cruise and his 1st!

The night before we left, we ate at the Rustic Inn Crab House in Ft. Lauderdale! Has anyone ever been there??? 

My family and I always take "Chicken Face" pictures during the drill practice before setting sale!

I was begging Eric to let me jump off the tender boat because I wanted to swim in the clear, aqua water.... 

Vacation was so much fun!

I did an Etsy search for Cruise and Bahamas.. Here are some things that came up...


MelsDolls said...

lol, I've been on that cruise! :)

La Alicia said...

I need to book a ticket on that cruise! beautiful pictures...looks like you had fun! :)

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