Saturday, January 12, 2008

Treasure Hunt GAME with prizes!

So this is going to be a scavenger hunt!
I am in a million treasuries now because I got lucky and Etsians are very kind!

Below are the following treasuries I am in . The first one I made, but if you can list the five items of mine  featured in these treasuries (one per link), I will send you a surprise from my store! 

You must list it in a posting reply to this blog :). 

Oh and there is a hint on one of the links... bonus points for clicking the crayons in the treasury that is having a contest!

This is the one I made…


These you have to find one item of mine in each, then list what that item is in a reply to this post!

(This one if you click on my crayons, I might win a prize from a shop!)

Ready... set.... go!


Hannah said...

Here are your items, from the above treasuries: (I especially like the stuffed animals, they look very soft!)

Art2theextreme said...


Congrats and thanks for those who looked!

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