Saturday, January 5, 2008

Addicted to the Forums!

HELP! I am addicted to the forums! I am trying to cram all the two days I have left before school starts up again (I am an art teacher) with Etsy and lesson planning. I know I will not have as much time to run my Etsy shop and make art during school, so I might as well do it now.
What gets so frustrating is the forums at times because it only seems like sellers are promoting (which is what that area is for), but to buyers really know about the forums? I  think I would rather start holding meaningful conversations in the "Business" or "Ideas" forums, but cause it seems like a waste of time to try to promote all time time.  I think it is important to create meaningful relationships with other artists and Etsians. Everything in the forums seems so fast paste anyways that you have to type fast and copy paste. That gets annoying and I even found myself accidentally posting in someone else's promotion (which is what everyone does to me, but I really do not mind at all). They made a smart, but polite comment, which woke me up (but soon discovered others were doing it to), but made me feel sad because it was an accident. 

Since I barged in on their photo promo (since my pendant sale had nothing to do with photos), here is my promotion for them :). 

Pictured is "Glorious Sunset" by fellow Etsian, Coldcell. This photo was taken in Lancashire, England ( I LOVE ENGLAND). I just love the bright colors and think this photo is absolutely amazing. They are running a special thought January, Buy one get one FREE on any photographic prints (not including magnets or note cards). You can check out Coldcell's shop at

And now I will get off my pedestal about forums....


artaddict said...

I know, I've been trying to get away to work on a few jewelry pieces all day and I keep coming back to the computer. ugh!

Anomaly Studios said...

I know what you mean about being addicted. Everyday I think to myself, "Man! Ive got a ton of stuff I need to make!" But its never easy to pull myself away!

Kiki Bird said...

Art, I am also a school teacher and I am addicted to the forums! LOL

I should be doing lesson plans right now!

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