Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Made the Front Page of the "Handbook to Handmade"!

"Handbook to Handmade"

This is very exciting news for me because I have never been in a book before, let alone on the front cover

The item featured is my Rainbow Crayons seen at the top, left. This item has been a top seller of mine because they are both very unique and an inexpensive gift for children at only $3.00 for 5 rainbow crayons. I even started making them in different shapes such as Jumbo Stars and Rainbow Hearts.

You can check out more information about TimothyAdamDesigns by visiting his shop.

More information about the Handbook to Handmade Vol. III can be found here:

Want to be featured in Vol. 4?  See below for more information!



etsy promo book said...

thanks for the post about the book....volume 3 is looking awesome!!

sara said...

this is awesome! looks really good! great for the ol' resume, huh?

laught0omuch said...

Ccongrats ! on makin the front page

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