Thursday, January 3, 2008

ETSY ARTIST FEATURE #1: Sock Zombies by Underroos

Hello everyone and Happy 2008!

So, being new on Etsy (about 30 days old... still new??), I spend a lot of time in the forums and in the chat room (that I did not discover until about 3 weeks into selling on Etsy). One night while I was in the chat room, I saw this person with the coolest products....SOCK ZOMBIES!!! Now you might be thinking that zombies are weird, or gross, or not your thing, but I can assure you that you will think these are some of the most unique looking zombies ever!

Seller Underroos has been on Etsy since February 4,2007, selling her unique Sock Zombies with 145+ sales. Her sock zombies sell for $18.00 and each one is different. She even has different types: Toehawk, Striped, Fuzzy, Double Decker, Throwing, and Toe Horned to name a few!

You can usually find Underroos at night in the chat rooms or forums shouting "BBBRRAAAIIIINNNSSS" or "ZZOOOOMMMBIIEESSS." I will usually shout back to her something just as funny. Might sound odd to you, but not even knowing her, she became one of my favorite sellers just from the one or two times bumping into her on Etsy. Smart way to promote yourself I think. It got my attention at least!

Take some time to check out this awesome seller at to learn more about SOCK ZOMBIES and get yours today. They sell VERY quickly, so if you have a favorite, I would snag it now!


The Creative Corner said...

Welcome to etsy-world!

Those sock zombie is so cool!!

Amber said...

I love Underroos!! Also by far one of my fave sellers!! Great feature. Look forward to seeing many, many more!

Erin said...

You are so awesome I don't even know what to say. Thank you SO much for this amazing tribute to The Zombie! SEE YOU IN THE GREEN ROOM!!

Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

Sock Zombies! Too funny, but so cool!

Martha Marshall said...

Nicole, it's great to discover you and your collection of links. I found you on the TV pilot thread in the forums. Don't you love Etsy?

Best of luck with your blog!

Christina Hill said...

I'm loving me some sock zombies with fat lips! He's adorable! Thanks for pointing them out!

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