Monday, December 31, 2007

My First Blog!

Hi everyone! 
So, I have been addicted to for about a month now and figured it was time for me to start a blog too! I opened up my shop back in November of 2007 and had 23 sales within the first month! How awesome is that?! 
I cannot tell you how awesome Etsy and all of the amazing artists and craftsmen and women are. I want to use this blog to not only talk about my successes and art, but theirs as well. As I begin to figure this blog thing out, I want to feature one of my favorite shops each week!

Being an art teacher, I am soooo busy with everything, but that is one of my main goals. I also want to have at least 100 sales in 2008 (a realistic goal I think)!
Please take a look at my site and let me know what you think!
Happy New Year!


Leslie said...

Good luck with the goals for 2008!! My blog is I got 15 people to feature from etsy on my blog yesterday. I*ll be changing in 2 weeks..i*d add ya in a spot!

Graceful Babies said...

Wow!! Congrats on the sales...good luck in the new year!

Jen said...

i just started up my second etsy shop this past november...etsy is so addicting! lol, but in a good way :)

good luck with your shop & blog! things are looking lovely and i hope you find much success ♥

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