Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random, but Useful Links and Information!

So I have been pondering what to blog about today. I have come across some great links and information over the last 24 hours, so I thought I would post the links in one post. Take what you want from it...

MOO Business Cards
MOO is giving away 50 free business cards until supplies run out.  I LOVE these, even though normally they can be pricey. The only "bad" thing about the promo is that MOO adds a small strip of advertisement at the bottom of your image. I just spaced the info side out so I could cut off that part. 

I have blogged about MOO before and some samples of past cards here. I was new to them back then, so they might not be that great...

They are so useful for other things...
-Here are some awesome magnets by adding the sticky magnet stuff to the back.
-Creative ways to use your MOO cards
-There is even a Flickr Moo Group to share your photos and get more ideas

Cafe Handmade
In looking into my Project Wonderful blog advertising/sponsors, I came upon Cafe Handmade. I have not looked into it too much, but they have these really neat spaces you can purchase for Virtual Craft Shows. The pricing is not bad either!

Has anyone used this site before or have any comments about it?! I would love to hear!

Facebook Fan Pages
I am still comprising a list of YOUR Facebook fan pages! If you have not taken the time to visit this thread, check it out and post your link! We have about 100 shops already listed!

DO NOT JUST FAN AND RUN.... becoming a pet peeve of many of us Etsians. It does not work that way... Commit to it and take time to comment on other pages. Then karma will play its way to you and it will have a snowball effect from there!

Need help with your page? Check out this thread for lots of tips, tricks, and ideas to make it work for you!

Have you found any interesting links to share with us? Comment below and I just might post them along with you and your etsy shop! I have a feeling I will be blogging again today, so stay tuned....


BumbleBeads Designs said...
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BumbleBeads Designs said...

Hi! Great links! Here's a link I came across the other day. It's "10 Easy Tips to help you improve your Etsy Shop".

I posted it on my blog.

nmatthews said...

Great post!!
Thanks for sharing.

Interested in business!
Find business opportunities at Business consultants.

Sarah Ranes said...

Hi, lots of very helpful links!



Absolutely brilliant, thank you for all this... ordered my free moo cards today, I love moo too!!!!

DawnWillBreak said...

I got some of those business cards, a great deal! Thanks so much :D

Amie McCracken said...

I'm headed to check out the virtual craft shows at Cafe Handmade. Thanks so much for featuring my mini!


MAB Jewelry said...

Thanks for the links!

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