Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Useful Links You HAVE to Check out and MORE!

Happy Tuesday!

Today I wanted to share some special links with you, as well as talk a little about Facebook!

WOW! I was in the forums the other day and cam across a site called Socialmention.com.

This site allows you to search a name, term, shop, anything. It will come up with as many sites as it can where that search term was listed or mentioned, along with some statistics. I have already found two awesome reviews or "Social Mentions" by searching my Etsy name, Art2theextreme.

The Nurishing Mom's blog had ordered Rainbow Crayon party favors and said some really nice words about my shop and product, along with a picture of the favors they took. I would not have even seen this post without searching on Social Mention. 

The IN Crowd Team (Indiana) on Etsy featured a T-Shirt Memory Blanket listing  with the information also posted to share with others. 

There are several sites that do similar things, but this is the most useful site I found because it is somewhat thorough and gives statistics and feedback. Try it out for yourself HERE! Let me know what you think!

Did YOU jump on the Facebook Fan Page bandwagon yet? I finally did, though I was hesitation to do so because it is just another thing to update and follow with my busy schedule, but I care about my Etsy shop, so I did... Not only did I make 1 page... I made 2!!!! Yikes!

In doing so, I have started a thread listing everyone's Facebook Fan page for those interested in becoming "fans" of other Etsy sellers and shops!

Here are my Fan Pages if you would like to see an example or simply visit because you enjoy my blog of shop!

*Stop by and say hi, comment on links, "like" things, and you just might be my next featured artist!!! 

You can also become a fan by clicking on the buttons to the left of right of my blog. You can make those right from your blog page on facebook!



cabin + cub said...

Cool.. will have to check out that site! Thanks!

Sidi said...

Wow, thanks for that link! It seems I've been featured a couple more times than I thought!! :)

Andria said...

This is my first time visiting your fun blog and I couldn't help noticing this post as I'm having the same avoidance issue with FB. I know I need to do it, but I just glaze over when I go to the FB site. Nothing makes sense to me. I did fan you. One question: I thought a FB rule was that each user could only have one page...Has that changed?

I'll stop back to see what's going on over here. Please come see me at EtsyLounge, if you have a moment! http://etsylounge.blogspot.com


californiablue said...

Thanks for the great post! Here's my Facebook Fan Page: http://facebook.com/californiablue.

BumbleBeads Designs said...

I just made my fan page!


Jessica said...

I love facebook! I haven't made a page for my business, but I have had a personal account (and I talk about my photos on there) for a while and it is fun and I get a lot of traffic from putting stuff on facebook. Good Luck!

Starglow Studio said...

Hi Art2theExtreme! Have seen you many times in the Etsy forums. Thanks for starting that FB Page list. I'm sure a lot of people have gotten their much needed 100 fans so they could get their custom URL just by being on your list. I tried Socialmention search you suggested here... very cool. I think we're already FANS of each other, but if anyone else is interested Custom Pet Portraits, pop on over to my FB Studio Page http://facebook.com/StarglowStudio

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