Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Unique and Colorful Wedding Favors

After getting married about a month ago, as well as attending weddings for the past two weekend, I thought I would discuss wedding favors. There are sooooo many awesome ideas, but if you want something a little more unique, check out  the article below!

I just finished an order of 50 Jumbo Heart Rainbow Crayons for a July 24th wedding this weekend. I never thought much about using the Rainbow Crayons as wedding favors until Etsy featured my crayons as an awesome Eco-Friendly wedding favor in one of their "Etsy Finds" articles. I always sell larger orders for birthday parties, but boy do I wish I had more kids at my wedding, so I could use my own artistic creation! 

I wanted to share some great ways to use Rainbow Crayons in your next wedding or special event!


1. Use Rainbow Crayons for guests to sign a large canvas  or photo matte for a colorful keepsake for you and your loved one to take home and display (I had at least two people do this that I know of and they said it worked out great)!

2. Print off or make wedding coloring pages for kids to place at a coloring station. Use Mini Rainbow Crayons for them to color the pages.

3.  Make your own labels with your guests' name and table number and use as their place marker to find their seat. All Rainbow Crayons come in a small zip bag.

**Try punching a hole in the bag and hanging by ribbon in your wedding colors from some branches.

4. The Jumbo Heart Rainbow Crayons are by far, the most popular crayon purchased for a wedding. 
These look great displayed in clear jars or sitting nicely at the tables for your guest. We also have Mini Heart Rainbow Crayons as well. 

**For a little extra, I can create your Rainbow Crayons in your wedding colors!

5. Having an artsy wedding? Are you and artist or an art teacher like me?
 Even if not, for a different look, put white butcher block (large paper on rolls) paper over tables and have a variety of crayons for your guests to doodle with on the dinner table. I always love going to restaurants that let you do this!

I would be happy to answer any questions you have! I have over 20 different shapes and sizes! Here is a link to the Rainbow Crayon Section of my shop!

E-MAILS TO Art2TheExtreme
I got a wonderful e-mail yesterday from one of my wholesale clients, who just opened up their new shop. There are so many ways I have seen my Rainbow Crayons displayed. Here is another way this shop is displaying them...
I always love it when stores send me photos of their displays! If you are a wholesaler and would like information on carrying Rainbow Crayons in your store, please contact me at art2theextreme@yahoo.com. I have over 20 different shapes and sizes!


Audrey said...

I love your crayons!! I wish my nephew liked to color. Unfortunately he doesn't.

Parkwood Cottage said...

What a neat idea!

I wish I'd known about Etsy when my nephew got married last year.


Kate8085 said...

Congrats on getting married,
and having your goodies in stores!

Mango Delights said...

So unique and fun! I totally love it!

Foldable Flats by After Flats said...

So cute!
Unique Wedding Favors

Unknown said...

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