Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two Great Websites!

Good morning and happy Thursday! 

Today is the day I am showing my mom my wedding dress I love, so I am super excited.

It is good to know that with all of the sad things happening right now with my family, that I can still try to have an awesome wedding. If you have not been reading, I have gone from a wedding reception at a local hotel, to a back yard reception (hopefully), but it is going to look SUPER awesome. My parents have a great back yard and I have some awesome ideas that I will be sharing for "the special look." I hope the sales fairy hits me soon with some sales or else I am not sure how I am going to pay for everything...

It is not like I have had a "dream vision" of my day like many women have, but I still want it to be special and be something that both my family and I are proud of as well. I am liking the idea of an outdoor reception because I can add my own artsy side to it. The colors are brown and turquoise if you have not been reading a long. I need to have a super sale or something to hopefully turn things in my favor. I see sellers all the time who have sales trying to pay for things and they are successful, but what makes this any more important than someone else's problem?

I am typing and venting out loud now.... maybe someone else reading has had something similar happen??? I do have a great idea of something I am going to sell so it is usable, affordable, and AWESOME, so I can raise some money for the cost of my reception. I do not want a thousand dollar dress (that is crazy and I am a deal shopper), I do not want the best cake around, I do not have to ride in a limo, or vacation in Europe. I can make this look simple, elegant, and something that everyone can be proud of and enjoy. The Ipod has replaced the DJ, as I am sure I am going to find other replacements for things as I plan. It is going to be great...

I wanted to share with you two sites today. One I found in the forums, and one that found me and wrote an awesome review of my shop and my Rainbow Crayons!

The Handmade Movement

This site is awesome! I never knew that this existed and I found it in the forums. 

What The Handmade Movement is, is a site where people come together and "sneak attack" a shop with sales. One shop, group, or Etsy Team is the sponsor and chooses who to "attack." Last night herbanlifestyle was chosen and gained 28 sales because of the attack.

I think this is such a great idea. It is so nice to see people come together and organize something like this to help out sellers. This must be a huge moral boost for the shop and buyers as well. The site does not announce who is being "attacked" until right before the time. There is a set schedule for those interested in participating.  Now if someone would only attack my shop... 

This is a great blog for those who have kids. This blog reviews shops and products on a weekly basis, then reports their findings to readers. I have been featured in several blogs in the past, but this one has done the best job and was very detailed. 
I sent some Jumbo Star Rainbow Crayons to an etsian who runs Super Fun Mama, who in return, took pictures of my crayons being used by a little one, and wrote a great review of my shop. Not only did they talk about the crayons and show pictures, but they posted all of my shapes I offer, other products from my shop, and a detailed interview that I answered questions to. I am also giving away some Jumbo Star Rainbow Crayons though their site, so visit this great blog to learn more about me or the opportunity to win some Jumbo Crayons!


Jen said...

Turquoise and Brown are beautiful together! Outdoor receptions are my favorite! You will not regret using your parents will remember your beautiful wedding everytime you are at their house!

Piggy said...

Congratulations and best wishes on your BIG day! :D

WildMagic said...

Cool! I had never heard of those sites. :)

kimforbeads said...

I had an outdoor wedding 20 years ago it was beautiful. Another thing that helped with our budget, was having the family bring food dishes. Side dishes, so we did not have to cater any food for the reception. That was great.
Best wishes to you, and congrats.

Nothinglikeit said...

those crayons look great!
Check out my ETSY shop for some other fun stuff: Nothinglikeit

Fatally Cute said...

The Handmade Movement is a very interesting website. Cool.

Brandon said...

Congrats, have a fabilous time!
Thanks for the info on the handmade site cute crayons!

Digital Misfit said...

Best wishes to you for your upcoming wedding. Outdoor receptions are always my favorite. Everyone is more relaxed and the atmosphere is welcoming.
For some great money saving ideas on fabulous weddings, you may want to check out the Babbling Bride forum (from the Frugal Bride website). It is intended for Canadian brides, but really - a great idea has no borders!

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