Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Updates and What's New!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Today's entry is going to be in a few parts...

I am on a few Etsy Teams and though TeamSASsy (which helps new sellers), I was contacted by a new shop, Faerie Majikks, to give some advise.  In the forums, you always see similar threads about helping new shops, tips, advise, etc. I would love it if sellers/buyers could comment with a piece of advise for this shop. She would love some feedback on pricing and promoting. I am going to help her one on one, but sometimes it is nice to hear things from several people, and I would like to make that happen for her.
My questions to you are: 
1. What is the best promoting tip or site you could provide?
2. What is your best suggestion on how to price (or how do you think her pricing compares)?

If you comment, I will post them below in an update and link your shop as well for your time.
Thanks everyone!

I woke up this morning to a convo that said that my tie purse had been featured in a blog. Here is a screen shot of Knick Knack's blog!

I finally got to Borders and was able to snap a few pictures on my ad in BUST magazine with my mother's IPHONE.
Can you find me?

There I am. The photo is a little blurry, but it does the job. I was the only one who put a children's item in (my Original Mini Rainbow Crayons), but I thought it was one of my more attractive photos and it pops out more and any other in my opinion.


Christopher And Tia said...

yayy thats so cool! My BUST is sitting right next to me on my printer :)

LittlePeanutShop said...

How exciting to see yourself in a magazine ad!

La-Mar said...

congrats on the ad what did that cost and how did you do it? was it a group thing with other etsy sellers?

LeaKarts said...

Yay!!! I hope it does really well for you!

kim* said...

aw yay!

tscrapper said...

The ad looks great, and that photo really does pop out!

Emerald Arts said...

Hmmmm advice...

1. If you have a local farmer's market, set up a stall there. They love to have art/crafty types and it's usually only about $20 to have a stall. I have had one for about eight months and I love it, make lots of new friends. All the objects I sell there have a little price tag with my Etsy address (which I'm still setting up, but I'm getting there ;)

2. Oh gawd I've forgotten what the question was and I can't navigate away from the page without losing it... shocker :P

I'm always writing new marketing stuff I'm trying on my blog, so you can wander over there and that might be a bit more helpful. www.emeraldarts.blogspot.com

congrats on your ad. Looks awesome.

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