Monday, October 6, 2008

Favorite Item of the Day

WOW! Many of you were trying to help my break my goal of 264 views in one day...... I checked this morning to see the final count for yesterday.....


 How on earth did I tie that exactly?! I still think yesterday was a success. Thanks to everyone who checked out my blog and commented on my posts. I will be changing my "Etsy Mini Shop Sharing" in a few days to help showcase others who posted a comment.

In meeting and chatting with so many of you, I ran into a shop that I have not taken a close look at before, up until yesterday.

I would like to show you an item I LOVE from TheVintageChain.

This is their "Wedding or Anniversary Keepsake Pendant" for $28.00. Made out of sterling silver, this pendant would have the names of you and your loved one, as well as your wedding/anniversary date on them. For myself, I am a bride to be getting married on 6.20.09 to Eric. So if I were to get one, it would say "Nicole and Eric" and the date "6.20.09."
Now I am sure you could figure that one out on your own, but I wanted to think/type out loud for myself..... I like the sound of that.... I am still getting used to being engaged and loving every minute of it!

Check out this newer, wonderful shop! There is something for every occasion, prices are very reasonable, and the work looks like top notch!


Jamie said...

What a cute little necklace! I heart it!

The Vintage Chain said...

Thank you so much for giving my shop the spotlight today! You are wonderful!!! :)

CAT Productions said...

That's a nice necklace. That's for sharing the shop with us!

Paper Lady Invites said...

Oh, I love this! I want this... Maybe it will be my Christmas gift from the new hubby?


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