Sunday, October 26, 2008

Things On My Mind...

Hello fellow readers. 

I have been super busy as usual, but now I am on Fall Break for 9 days, so I will be updating every day!

A ton has happened in the past few weeks that has affected my life and the lives of those closest to me. I would really love to blame it on the whole "financial crisis," since that seems to be what is causing all of the chaos lately. 

As an artist and craftswomen, I would love to know how everyone is doing with their sales since the panic hit earlier in the month. Through September, I had consistent sales each day, but on October 9th, things dropped dead for me, as it did with other Etsians. 

Now do not get me wrong, this is in now way meant to complain, but I have been fascinated by how the media can freak so many people out and now be old enough to finally see the impact on the consumers of the world.  Sales did not stop for everyone, but it seemed like every other forum was about "Did You Get any Sales Today" or "Where is the Sales Fairy," etc.

Luckily, sales are starting to pick back up, as I have hoped, since the holiday season is approaching quickly. This is happening just in time since I am now finding every means that I have to pay for my wedding in June. At this point, I have a down payment at a wonderful hotel for the reception. I cannot afford this, so have been brainstorming other ideas and with the help and encouragement of a close friend and Maid of Honor, I am now going into the direction of an outdoor reception at my house. A huge change, but I think it could be really cool. My parents have a great back yard. I will be buying every set  of Christmas lights I can grab after the holidays. There are a ton of great things I can do to save money and make it totally awesome. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them. 

What I am really trying to say in all is that I encourage EVERYONE to try your best to buy handmade this holiday. The impact one purchase can make is HUGE for many people like myself. Trade, purchase, and support our artists and craftspeople. It means the world!

::Nicole gets off of her soap box::

Be looking for several reviews this week, photos of the goody bags that many of you donated to, photos from my craft fairs, and the latest issue of BUST that I am in!


tscrapper said...

Good luck w/ sales! It's been hit or miss for me, but it's picking up again lately. I'm also trying to buy each person on my list at least one handmade item.

Piggy said...

Thanks for sharing! My wedding is early Dec and I have also decided to have a lunch reception at the front of my folks' place. It is definitely more cost efficient as compared to a hotel reception or dinner. It is more casual and allows me to be more at ease and mingle with my friends who are there.

With the holiday seasons, I am definitely going handmade but my purchases may be reduced this year. :(

Best of luck to your Etsy shop and coming wedding! God Bless!

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