Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Latest Purchases on Etsy!

I have stared purchasting items on Etsy now that I have some money in my paypal account and find it hard to stop now :). There are so many tallented artists here!

My latest purchase today was this LOVE BAMBOO COLLAGE PENDANT from Etsian AnnaCox (picture above). She has so many other very beautiful pendants at a great price!

I have also purchased these sparkling, beautiful EARRINGS from Jewelrybytiti. She had great communication with me and also ran a very successful BNR on Friday evening (it was the first one I had participated in).

That same night I purchased a BROWN SATIN CLUTCH from lucymoonglow. I loved the brown color and the pattern on the outside. She was also very friendly to talk to!

For my students, I purchased this FUZZY BABY PENGUIN ACEO from artbylmr, who also bough a spot in the ACEO BOOK that I am putting together. I could not resist the cute penguin.

One of my first purchases was from PurpleLicious, who makes the cutest headbands! I bough THIS HEADBAND MADE FROM VERA BRADLEY FABRIC and THIS HEADBAND.

It is so much fun to purchase art and be able to afford it for once :). Please take some time to look in these shops I have featured or post some recent purchases of your own!


spiralsun65 said...

Love that pendant! What a great blog you have.

Krazy Kate Designs said...

It's about impossible not to spend money on Etsy with all the fabulous shops. Occupational hazard. :)

Angela said...

What a lovely pendant!!!! How wonderful of you to share it with us all! I absolutely love your blog! :)

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