Sunday, February 10, 2008


In my search for ACEO artists to donate cards to PROJECT ATC, I came across Etsian Jenmaestre, who offered to donate a card! Her card was one of the coolest the students had seen so far because she had used pencil shavings to create it. As I began looking though her shop, I found items that I could never find in any store or Etsy shop! 

Jenmaestre creates her pins, pendants, earrings, and ACEO cards from pieces of colored pencils. She uses all different colors, sizes, angles, and views when created her art and uses an epoxy to give them a finishing coat.  Pieces are made by hand and hand-sanded. No two items in her shop are alike.  

I recently bought the heart pendant that is seen above. I thought that since I was an art teacher and Valentine's Day was coming up, that it would be very appropriate and very cool to own!
I have been showing EVERYONE this shop because these items are truly unique and a MUST HAVE!

Please take the time to visit Jenmaestre's shop! I promise you wont be disappointed and you will fall in love with something immediately! 

Her Etsy Shop:
Her Website:


Barbra said...

She is amazing. Jen was one of the first shops I hearted when I joined etsy a year and 1/2 ago. The heart you bought is fabulous.

Octavine Illustration said...

that pendant is gorgeous. so feminine and delicate.

Leanne Graeff said...

This work is great - thanks for sharing.

Martha Marshall said...

Amazing idea, and some really incredible work! Thanks for sharing that link. I hearted her!

Claire said...

Fabulous pendant!

MaryAnn said...

jen rocks! all the way around said...

i heart jen! she makes awesome things and is super friendly and funny too ;)

Jann Richardson RetroUnique 'Junkster' said...

What an imagination! I love hows shes changed the ordinary to the extrordinary! Great work Jen!

Angela said...

Ohhh the pendant is sooo beautiful! It's sooo wonderful of you to share others work with us! What a great blog!

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