Saturday, February 2, 2008


During my quest to find ACEO and ATC artists to feature in a promotional and educational book I am putting together called, "Create. Collect. Trade. A Collection of Artist Trading Cards by Artists and Students," I ran across a post in the book thread by heavensearth. I began looking though her shop and found the most colorful and beautiful art I have seen in a long time!

In her shop, Heavens Earth, the artist uses a greens, pinks, and reds to create stunning works canvas paintings and ACEO cards. She even has works organized by series such as her Tree Series and Flower Series.

My eyes were immediately drawn to "Green Eggs" on a canvas. I would really love to see this on an ACEO, which she has created before, but sold out of!

Another favorite of mine is pictured above called, "Picking Flowers." This ACEO reminds me of the students I teach art for at two elementary schools (the same students for the start of PROJECT ATC) the colors are AMAZING. 

Please take some time to comment about her work or visit her shop! Prices are very affordable and images are too unique in beauty not to buy!


Dharma Designs said...

Great story - beautiful work!

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