Thursday, February 21, 2008

Create. Collect. Trade. Has been Featured in ACEO Magazine's Newsletter!

ACEO Magazine has featured my artist and student ACEO book, Create. Collect. Trade. in their new edition of Cardaddix, a monthly ACEO newsletter that features interviews with worldwide artists, techniques, articles, and more!
For those of you not framiliar with Project ATC or the ACEO book that I am putting together that features 32  ACEO artists and elementary student artists here is some information...

I am an elementary school art teacher from Indiana who teaches the art of ACEO and ATC to student artists. About two months ago, I began searching for ACEO artists willing to donate ACEO cards to trade with my students. The purpose of this search was not only to introduce students to real artists from all over the world, but also to help students understand the large range in imagery, styles, and media used in ACEO art. After an overwhelming response from artists, this project, now being called “Project ATC,” began to evolve into something much bigger.

I wanted these artists to be able to share their love for ACEO art, while being able to inspire student artists and promote their art at the same time. To best do this, I came up with a book project where ACEO artists and student artists would be featured together to show how one can inspire the other, and to visually show the range of ACEO art. This book, Create. Collect. Trade. A Collection of Artist Trading Cards Created by Artists and Students, is now in its first edition (with a waiting list of artists to be in the second edition).

32 ACEO artists are featured alongside over 25 different student artists in the 2008 first edition, which is expected to go on sale mid-March.

There are a variety of ways that you can become involved in this wonderful project and help spread the news about ACEO art!

To Donate ACEO cards and trade with a student, please contact myself at:

 To receive an e-mail when the book goes on sale OR to be put on the waiting list for the 2nd edition of Create. Collect. Trade., send an e-mail with this as the subject line to:

 If interested in donating $5.00 or a gift of $23.00* (enough to purchase 1 free book for a student). Please visit:

*Donors who purchase a whole book will have the chance to write a message to the student on a donor label to be included in the book. Name inclusion is optional.

For more information about “Project ATC” or Create. Collect. Trade., please visit  the Official Book Blog.

I have been talking to the Editor, Kelly, who will also be featuring the book on the site for ACEO magazine in the near future. This is very exciting because the magazine has a large following and is sent worldwide to ACEO artists.
To visit their newly revised website or to get your own copy of the newsletter, please visit their site at:


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