Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Art2theExtreme on Etsy Item of the Day

Good Afternoon!

For the month of July, I have chosen to advertise with Etsy Item of the Day! I always read her site and check out her awesome findings most days and wanted to be a part of her site. I first learned about this site when our T-Shirt Memory Blankets were featured as the Item of the Day.

I am happy she chose to feature our blankets! With the blanket in Twilight Eclipse, I expect many people to want to give the same gift to their kids, graduates, and family. I was so excited to see the blanket in the movie!

I have already noticed an increase in traffic to my shop, so I hope that continues to increase as the spot continues.

Check out her site HERE and look for my Jumbo Heart Rainbow Crayons to the right! I would love to know what you think or if you had advertised with Etsy Item of the Day before!

Your comments are welcome below!


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