Saturday, October 2, 2010

Well... It Was Not Quite Moby Dick...

The last three days have been the longest ever while I participated in the "Whale of a Sale" Children's Consignment Event in Zionsville. While the children and baby items were a great deal if you have kids, it was not a huge catch for me and far from the "Moby Dick" I was expecting. For those of you "crafters and artists" out there who participate in shows and events, I am sure going to have a hard time from now on, participating in any type of show that is not specifically an art, craft, or holiday boutique. Here are a few photos I took...
On the plus side, I did get a few great finds from the
sale and hang out with some wonderfully talented ladies!

I LOVE Vera Bradley! I for the big bag for only $7.50 and the small purse for $5!
They were almost brand new!

I bought this super cute hat from Two Seaside Babes and the necklace from MadrinDesigns! Oops...I think I left the tag on all day... My husband loves the hat!

The photos below are some of the gorgeous work of MadrinDesigns. Each time I visited her booth, I saw something new that I had not seen the first time. She creates her unique pieces with a vintage-modern flair and floral theme.
My favorite part was looking at all the talent and meeting new people. I had many good things come from talking with other vendors and artists these past three days and am glad things worked out the way they did!


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