Monday, June 14, 2010

Advertising: Love It or Hate It?

Today I figured I would talk about advertising a bit and share some links with you. This is an area that I am not the best with and am pretty picky about where I advertise. In the past, I have used Project Wonderful, CraftCult, and soon will be advertising with Etsy Item of the Day.

I have found the most success with CraftCult, but keep in mind that this site is pretty much seen by only sellers on Etsy. I found that I got a pretty nice increase in traffic and hearts the two times that I have used CraftCult. The site operators are very quick to respond and the pricing is fair in my opinion. I usually purchase the $15 for 7 days. I have found that when I see new ads, I click on them, but when it is a shop that has purchased the 4 week ads and I see them over and over, my eye tends to skip over the ad. Have you used CraftCult before? What do you think?

I just sent my payment to advertise on Etsy Item of the Day. Jackie, who operates this site and is responsible for finding all the awesome items and features, has been wonderful to work with in the past when I was featured (check out the sidebar box to the right of this post)! I will update when I hopefully start to see some traffic coming in! Have you been featured on Etsy Item of the Day before? Have you advertised on this site?

Project Wonderful is a great site as well. Sometimes it works for you, sometimes it does not. I personally have not tried full force to advertise using PW, but I have PW space available on my blog in two spots that people seem to get a great response from (at least those who have advertised with me and shared).

In addition to offering Project Wonderful advertising, I am starting to use Etsy minis to advertise on my other blog, Art Lessons and Parties by Nicole. I set up this blog to begin offering art lessons, workshops, and birthday art parties.

If you are interested in advertising on my other blog, spots are $5 for 30 days. You get your Etsy mini on the sidebar (1x1 thumbnail) and then on the "Shop Handmade" tab (1x1 Large Gallery Etsy Mini). The first three people to sign up for a space will get an additional month FREE! You can e-mail me at if you are interested in supporting my new blog.

Post your comments and suggestions below! We would love to know who you advertise with and what has or has not worked for you in the past!


Meekiyu said...

very interesting post. I've never tried paid advertising and haven't really thought too much of it. I do look at the craftcult ads though like you mostly sellers go there too... I think it would be good for supply shops to have ads there =o

illana Burk said...

Just curious...
I just went to Etsy Item of The Day and didn't really see any paid advertising. What part of the site is sponsored?

I couldn't figure out how she monetizes the site.


Alix said...

I advertise on craft blogs like The prices are great, and they have loyal followings.

How did you get the retweet button at the bottom of your posts?

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