Sunday, March 14, 2010

SUNDAY SALE and Pink Slips

Happy Sunday!

So I got my official Pink Slip on Friday. My school corporation is eliminating my position as an Art teacher since our corporation is having financial troubles. The slip was not even pink!!! It was white. BOO....

I am hopeful still that it does not pass on the board vote or that one of the art teachers will retire, but in light of recent events, I am having a "I Just Got Pink-Slipped SALE" today.

With ANY purchase of Rainbow Crayons, you may choose 2 Rainbow Crayons of your Choice for FREE to include with your purchase. Jumbo or Mini, any style.

Today till Midnight. Enter code: BLOG with the crayons you would like to take advantage of this sale.

I am hoping that I can be one of the "Quit Your Day Job" success stories. Not necessarily for Etsy's home page, but in general so I am financially ok if this job cut passes. There are so many schools going through this right now, so few positions will come up between now and the start of the year. Is anyone else reading going through this or how is your state doing education wise?
I feel bad for the kids because "they" are saying... "It is best for the students.." What? To not have art, music, or PE? To not have councilors at schools? At least my corporation is not cutting specials across the board, but that does not help my situation...

I am in great spirits despite the news. I am just so darn ready for warm weather in Indiana and for my Spring Break Cruise!

Anyways... check out the newest Rainbow Crayons in my shop (with some new Jumbo Flower ones to pop up today or tomorrow). My favorite for Easter are the Jumbo Bunny Rainbow Crayons!


Mary said...

sorry to hear about your white pink slip but you seem to have a great attitude so i think you'll be okay in the end ;-) that's my prediction and i'm sticking to it!

seriously, good luck!

2 Soul Sisters said...

Sorry about the pink slip_ I just happened upon your blog. I really like it here. Lots of wonderful ideas!

Lisa at Visual Journey Photo said...

I'm sad for the students. Without art and music and even PE, there's not much left for students to be passionate about.

I'm sorry to hear about you getting pink slipped. I'm sure your students will be disappointed and will miss you.

On a brighter note - I'm lovin' the bunny crayons!

M.M.E. said...

I know things will work out for you. It's terrible that your school will lose such a wonderful art teacher. Perhaps this is a good step for you! That's how I've looked at my recent declines from all my graduate school applications. Perhaps this is just meant to be and you will grow because of it. I wish you the best of luck!

soultivity said...

so sorry to hear that. and that is an outrage of the school even concidering and had done that! if it wasnt for my art teachers when i was in school i dont think i would have persued art at all! pe,art,music, it all is important for individual expression. i hope your store sells well, best of luck to you.

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