Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Rainbow Crayons

I have several new styles of Rainbow Crayons coming out this week! Here is my newest, Jumbo Bunny Rainbow Crayons!

These crayons are so much fun because they are multi-colored, come in a variety of fun shapes, and are made from recycled materials!

If you need a healthy treat for your Easter baskets, check out these Spring styles below!

For all Rainbow Crayon lisitngs, visit this link!


TheFrogBag said...

How cute are these? Wonderful!

Handmade in Israel said...

Very cute! Would be fun to draw with these :)

Moonangelnay said...

awwww how sweet! kids would love those as a gift this easter ^_^

Audrey said...

I wish my nephew liked to color - those are amazing!!

Kathleen said...

Very fun - what a great way to recycle =)

Kim said...

awesome easter basket gift!! something that won't rot your teeth (nothing against chocolate) great idea!

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