Thursday, January 13, 2011

DIY: Mittens from Recycled Wool Sweaters

Over the holidays, I wanted to make something fun, useful, and something I was NOT planning on selling on Etsy. I wanted a simple gift for friends and family that I could make without spending a ton of money, but super creative at the same time.

I remembered that I had purchased the warmest, and best made recycled mittens at a local holiday boutique this past November. I wanted to learn how to make them myself, so I Googled the project and found some helpful sites.

The best site, instructions, and video came from Studio 5. They also provided the pattern.
*I suggest cutting the pattern a little longer/bigger than the pattern or else they will not be long enough for all hands, but you can tweak the pattern to your needs.*

I live in a nicer part of town, so the Goodwill I visited had 1 Wool Sweater for me to buy and felt. That was a little disappointing. I am learning that tons of people are felting wool and making similar items, so they were fresh out of recycled materials I needed. With the help of my friend, Jamie, I was able to find 7 sweaters at another Goodwill a week later!

My first few pairs I only made one or two minor mistakes (having the wrong side of the cuff facing out, making the mitten too small, etc), but each pair of gloves I made are wearable and no one would notice that I made any mistakes at all unless I pointed them out. I only wound up with one extra fleece insert (that I am going to use as a dust rag) when I was not paying attention to the previous position of the insert.

Check out the photos below!
Overall a great experience and only spent about 1/2 Hour-45 minutes on one pair. A big thanks to my mother-in-law, who provided me with thread, patience, and her sewing machine.

**I like looking at examples when trying to make something. If you would like to be in a drawing for a pair of recycled mittens I made (I did not secure the layers with extra stitches, so it is easy to take the lining off to see and learn, then slide back on to use), just comment on the article and leave your e-mail address. I will choose a winner soon! Be sure to share with your friends, Tweet, and Facebook!**


Galit said...

This is such an awesome idea!!!
And I would sure be happy to participate in your giveaway!!

TheFrogBag said...

These are really cool! I didn't even know there was such a thing as recycling sweaters into mittens, but it makes sense. Really nicely done!

Meekiyu said...

never heard of this before now... sounds like an awesome way to recycle e and stay warm! =D

TimeAndAgain said...

VERY nice! My kids love your crayons & I love these! :)

Julie said...

These are so great! I'm going to have to make a ton of these.

The Afterlife Rejects Team said...

These are fabulous. We have been collecting wool sweaters for different DIY projects. SO I have the material, now off the get the pattern. Thanks bunches for sharing this.

M.M.E. said...

I love these types of mittens. They're triple warm and so unique.

Unknown said...

Hi. Thanks for the article and link on diy felted mittens. I'm wondering if you've tried fingerless mittens with a flap that folds back with a button. I'm looking for a pattern for these for my daughter. Thanks!


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