Sunday, April 5, 2009

Photo of the Day

For the Photo of the Day, I have chosen a recent purchase of mine from a local craft fair I was a part of.  

This "Italia" alphabet art was created by Artsy Alphabet by Steph. Since I am creating a black and white Italy theme in my guest restroom, I wanted the frame/artwork to fit the look I was going for. I chose the letters from a large selection of styles, fonts, and type taken by Steph Wilcoxen. They assembled the frame and my photo choices within a matter of minutes and I was free to take it with me right then and there!

Prices are very reasonable. I paid $20 for 5-6 letters. 3-4 Letters is only $15. 9-10 Letters, $30.

Their website is in the works, but you can e-mail her at


Denise said...

Very cool idea! Would love to post Etsy mini of my handmade shop - let me know how. thanks

southernscraps said...

Very cool photos!

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