Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The 2nd Edition of Create.Collect.Trade. is Out and For Sale!

The Pre-sale listing is out for the 2nd Edition of Create.Collect.Trade!

If you are an art collector, coffee table book lover, or ACEO artist, this is the book to get! There are both artist and elementary student ACEO and ATC artworks featured in the collaborative book. There is even a "How To" section on marbling with shaving cream!

This is a wonderful book for teachers, artists, and book lovers alike!

The first edition last spring was a huge hit and received national attention!
I only have 1 copy of the 1st edition left for sale. 

Visit the book blog for more information, to learn what ACEO and ATC art is, or to give back to Project ATC!


lisa winter said...

looks like a great book. everyone should try out atcs, they are a great way to dip your toes into art without feeling overwhelmed.

Lauren Alexander said...

cool! I was not familiar with that.

One drop at a time... said...

oh this looks nice! Did you print it yourself? If not, can you share where you got it printed and binded? (If it was online at least!)

315thomas said...

what a fabulous idea... i love projects like this.

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